Submit Your Site-Starting Your Online Business


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Starting your own online business and setting up your website are fairly easy to accomplish and can cost you almost nothing. The part that is difficult and that causes most people to give up is driving traffic to your website. Like with any business, marketing is key and if you can not get people to visit your website, it will not make you any money.

There are a ton of ways to get traffic to your website. From buying ads, hosting articles, using viral marketing, using social networking sites, or any number of other possibilities. Your choices for promoting your website are vast, and you are encouraged to try them all. But one method you should try as soon as possible is to Submit Your Site to a website directory.

As you can infer from the name, a website directory is a site dedicated to cataloging other websites, providing a one stop shop for those looking for whatever website they need. So as you can imagine, having your website on such a directory can provide a huge traffic boost.

There are really two types of website directories. Those who are free and those that cost money. For free directories you can simply submit your website and be done with it. The downside is that it can take months for your site to finally be hosted, so a long wait.

Paid directories are often preferred since they will have your site hosted within just a couple of days. So if you Submit Your Site to one of these directories you can see increased traffic almost immediately. But, as you can imagine, the downside is that it costs money. Money you may not have.

If you can afford it, paying is the way to go. But if you do go that route, you need to look into the directory and make sure it is worthy of having your money. While uploading your website to a directory is great, if the directory itself is ranked low on the search engines, people still will not see your site. So only host on directories that are highly ranked, especially if you are paying.

Sometimes these directories will require you to have their link, this is called back linking. By having their link you help increase their own page rank, which in turn benefits you since it makes your website more visible through them. So do not think this is a downside if a particular directory requires this.

You will want to Submit Your Site to as many directories as possible. However, when doing this, do not just copy and paste to every directory. Make sure every entry is unique. This will help make your results that much better.

Submitting your website to a directory is an effective and simple way of driving traffic to your website. While it can not do it all on its own, it is a wonderful boost to get your website going. If you need traffic fast, being able to effectively buy traffic can make a world of difference. Even if you do not need traffic ASAP, having your website out there as much as possible is still a vital component.


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