Tips for successful home business for former Armed Services Veterans

Tips for successful home business for former Armed Services Veterans


Hello, my name is Howard Martell been marketing and consulting for a total of 26 plus years. I was blessed to be serve the Great Republic for 20 years active duty US Navy as Information System Security Technician.

What I learned while in the service was about mission, resources, and can do attitude to accomplish whatever is needed for tasking. I apply this in my Online Homeprofitcoach INC LLC marketing consulting home business. I apply this principle daily to my consistent promotion and level of effort needed to build a list of hungry online buyers for my various services.

I have leveraged over the years my ingenuity and through the various weekly bootcamp training provided to myself and all my paid members. This is crucial for success in any home business without a list of clients being built everyday using only graphical landing pages.

The lessons learned during my 26 plus years online and the last 8 years with my partnership with a great internet marketing hosting and education Services Company has allowed me to become profitable.

All my sales are closed by a group of Senior Monitors who volunteer hours to help the greater community our mission to help our paid members earn commissions. We greet all associates who come to our Live Business Center 24-7 365 days a year. This is powerful and frees up our members who choose to advertise either ad examples that are provided with over 500 landing pages. My members also have the ability to customize any type of landing page with or without video embedded inside the page.

98% of my time is spent daily building my personnel brand recognition and niche markets.

Must companies fail when all members are not provided tools, education, and ability to drive traffic to proven free places and paid ones for list building?

The bigger the list the bigger potential of profits is my key to success. This is hard for many new marketers to understand and also veteran members online.

So many benefits provided to us serious business owners that is why I formed a LLC as tell people this can be a great opportunity to share with people how the rich get to keep more of their money. I surround myself around a great home business accountant/tax advisor. Also continue to be educated about recent changes in the USA Tax code for 2018. My source is Ron Muellers Home Business Savings Made Easy at

I also partnered with another great source called taxbotuniverisity


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I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.