5 Ways to get your online business off to a great new start!

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5 Ways to get your online business off to a great new start!

This will help you earn more, and keep your online business growing throughout the year.

Let’s get started.

1. Promote more often!

Set a goal to promote every day if you can, if not everyday, set a goal of 4 times a week.
Pick a time each day, perhaps the same time every day, set aside 15 – 30 minutes strictly for promotion.
Your business needs to constantly be promoted to generate sales and traffic to your site.
You have lots of competition and I can guarantee you that your competitors will be promoting even if YOU”RE NOT!
People new to online marketing underestimate how much promotion is required. Fortunately we teach you how, what and where to promote to make things easier, and provide you with time saving organization tools.
It’s all covered in the online bootcamp training lessons and there are so many included resources in your Membership – get to know them.

2. Promote to more places!

Set a goal to expand your marketing reach every month at least.
It’s easy to post to your same favourite places but it’s important to tap into new markets.
Do your homework and be smart. Don’t fall into the trap of buying your way to success.  You won’t build a succesful online business by buying “clicks”, harvesting tired recylecled emails, scraping data, or buying mass quantities of leads.  Good old fashioned promotion in lots of target marketing places, honest list building tactics, relationship buildng and customer care is what will grow your business success.
In your Worldprofit Member area are landing pages ready to use, that you can use to promote.  Or you can use our included Landing Page builder to create your own. We also provide a list of places to recommend, DON’T LIMIT yourself to that. Find your own sites, reach new markets, tap into your own treasure troves of leads.  The bootcamp training teaches you all about this.

3. Dig in and I really mean DIG in to social media sites. Your choices are many.

If you haven’t done so already create a Facebook page for your business, start a niche specific group.
Create your own YouTube Channel and be an unabashed self-promoter. Post videos that are product specific, or try a how-to video, or an educational style video with soft promotional elements woven throughout. Be honest, helpful, people can tell if you are sincere.
Create a Linked In page, then remember to update it.
Haven’t got a Twitter account yet? Now is the time.
When you have all your social media accounts set up, then you need to set time aside every day to update them, don’t forget. Schedule this in.
Social media is like leaving breadcrumbs that lead a trail back to you, your products and your business so brand yourself accordingly and keep your social media up to date.
The last thing you want to look like is a business that has gone out of business, at least to the online world.
Post often but be sure to post good content not just random links and promotion copy.

4. Blog.

Some of you may have already set up a blog then forgot about it.  You simply can’t forget about your blog. Blogging is an excellent and powerful promotion tool for branding yourself and your business, for promoting specific product and business related information and for controlling the online content about your business. Search engines index blog content frequently, so the more good key word FRESH content you have the better to keep your site indexed most efficiently.
One important final word about blogs. Make sure you manage and update security controls on your blog so you don’t get hacked. WordPress blogs are the worst for this, people set up a WordPress blog then add a hole lot of free widgets but fail to update the blog – the unfortunate result – you get hacked. Say Good bye to all that content you worked so hard on.

5. Use and understand Worldprofit’s marketing system. 

We talk to online marketers every day who have no clue how to market online. They post blindly and without method, they pray they will get results, they get frustrated, they throw their hands up in the air then write off the whole idea of making money online as a waste of time. The problem most marketers face is that they don’t have access to a tested, proven system for online marketing. A system that provides a professional online presence complete with domain based website, strategies for generating leads and traffic, solid products and reputable services they can sell, solutions for business growth, comprehensive training and importantly – support and help when you need it.   YOU have access to a system that works, here at Worldprofit. Dig into the training, follow the online training, do what we teach you to get results. This system works for any online business to help you get leads, traffic and SALES! Attend the LIVE weekly training sessions to get the most value out of your Membership so you know what is included in your members and how to use the resources to grow your business.
If you can’t attend the LIVE sessions they are recorded and you can watch when convenient for you.
Commit,  focus, earn as you learn!  This is a business that can generate income now and for years to come!


I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.