Howard Martell’s First Visit with the Dr. Jeffrey Lant


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BY Howard Martell President of

My day started off great.  I woke up early and motivated to finally meet the CEO of my online home business which has helped me grow so much in knowledge of marketing using automation , history, and finally learning the art of writing good article content.

The drive was quite pleasant, for only being only 2 hours away from  the hotel where me and my wife were staying in Connecticut, while visiting family. As we entered the Cambridge area, wow was it beautiful and quite hard to navigate through all the one way streets and round abouts. I finally asked a local Cambridge man wearing a Boston Red Sox cap, “Can you tell me where Follen Street is located”?  He said “Its the last brick building on the right hand-side after the stairs”. I told him Happy New Year.

I walked towards the red, brick building and finally saw the correct number and was quite happy and looking forward to finally meeting Dr. Lant. As I rang his suite number, the door opened. I traveled towards the right hand side and took the elevator up 5 levels. When I turned the corner to enter, the first thing I saw was this vibrant and famous red room which he shows to the world online. The color and the contrast I saw when walking into his home would take any historians breath away.  He greeted me and shook my hand with a sincere look and smile and told me and my wife please come in.  Dr. Lant, as you know is a noted Historian and has at his home a life-like museum which has taken him over 20 years to procure. All of his collection worth millions.  Our tour started in the blue room, which is where he keeps his office. We were being very careful not to lean against or brush into any of his collection. This room was so vibrant, it felt like we were walking at a Hollywood Red carpet event.  The chandelier is the highlight of the room.  It was completely made of sparking diamonds.  When you first come into the room you see his computer monitor and next to it all his papers from which his masterful articles come to life for the whole world to see. This is where he sits and works his magic from 4:30 in the morning till 4:00 pm everyday. He has these beautiful columns made of rare marble and topped with gold. Finally the emperors chair, as we call it, is not a fancy chair but a sturdy black wooden chair with a pillow for his back.

Proceeding to the next area he has pictures of all the head of states autographed and in protected frames.  The paintings, from the 16-18 century, come to life as you stare at them.  There were these emperors chairs that were well restored and the stitching was something you will never see in your lifetime. As we continue on, he told us history of each piece of his collection down to these beautifully detailed clocks of pure silver and gold.  He has a special hand-picked team help him restore each and every piece of his living museum.

After the tour, Dr. Lant and I were helping get some lunch ready for all of us.  It consisted of Tempered Shrimp, and some yummy looking pigs in a blanket. I was offered some Sherry with cream and it went down your throat smooth and warmed your entire belly.

Dr. Lant wanted us to take pictures of his collection while he was broadcasting live to the world, helping our thousands of members and growing globally with closing of sales. So I started in the red room and started snapping shot after shot of all of his collections. As I was waiting for my que to come into the blue room, I was taking pictures of Dr. Lant broadcasting to the world. I spoke with my wife and explained to her what he was doing and we were saying to each other “he surely does have a passion for reaching out to people and in a direct but sincere manner”.  His words are cutting edge like a sword, but reach up and grab your attention with every sentence coming out of his mouth. The live web-cast was 20 minutes long. As we listened to each sentence coming out of his mouth, we could truly tell he loves helping others to become not only better marketers, but better well cultured people.

Dr. Lant called to me and said you will be sitting in my chair in 15 minutes. As the time approaches, I was nervous but excited to share with the world what I had seen so far.  His chair was comfortable and well positioned for the world to see the first ever Monitor who came to visit the good Dr. Lant and his collections.
As I spoke into the mike it was just like me broadcasting from my home but without all the vibrant colors and sitting in the CEO’s Emperor’s chair as we call it.  My voice was sharing what I could remember since arriving into Dr. Lant’s world.   The time flew by as I shared my experience with the world on what 2011 will be like for all the World Profit Dealers globally. So hold on to your seats everyone and get ready to have your world rocked with automation is what I said, and thanked Dr. Lant, George Kosch, and finally Sandy Hunter for helping me  and others make a nice residual income which keeps on growing following a proven system.

Dr Lant, then took over and shared what he thought about all of what I said and thanks me for coming up live to the world to share my experience. We all decided after a long day that it was time to conclude our day with a nice dinner at a local hotel, less than  1 block away from his home. Dr. Lant spoke to us while  we carefully navigated the snow and ice of the red brick walkway and was  explaining each detail of all the historic events within the
Cambridge area in detail. We all entered the restaurant and Dr.Lant was greeted by all the staff members with respect and admiration as we were seated.   The conversation ranged from history, religion and finally asked Dr. Lant about where he thought World-profit’s were going in 2011 and he said just wait and see what George has in store for you and all the members.  I was thinking to myself while seated, this seemed surreal that I was here with the CEO of the company that I work with online.  This is unprecedented in the history of Internet Marketing. I just smiled and thought feel so blessed to be in the presence of a pioneer online.

As we sat down and talked, I could tell he was enjoying the dinner and the company as we were following along with all he was saying. For all the nay-sayers who don’t like Dr. Lant and call  him a scam artist,  he is quite frankly  an honest business man.   My first impression of the him is that he is sincere and wants to help anyone who wants to invest time and effort into any of his or her businesses online.  So stop the negative press, you’re only helping him write more articles and get more exposure for the company.

In closing, as I had a private goodbye with Dr. Lant, I shared  my thoughts and told him my wife enjoyed the experience but fully didn’t understand why I do what I do and why this was so important to me. He said, most of the wives who have husbands who work online, feel at times that the business is taking away from their family time.  When in reality, it is helping create more time for your family. As I was about to leave, Dr. Lant gave me a nice fatherly hug and told me to drive safe and was looking forward to my next visit to Cambridge. He told me you’re well on your way to becoming a millionaire.  Keep up the work you do as Senior Monitor and you are positioned for success online now. Walking away, I was so blown away and felt so empowered that the CEO thought that much about me. This article shows each and everyone of you who is struggling online that dreams can come true and that through having the right system and education the world is your oyster.

Thank you,

ABOUT THE AUTHOR: Howard Martell is the President of HOMEPROFITCOACH.COM and has worked online for well over 12 yrs part time while holding down a full time career of  over 18 and half years active duty US Navy. For the past year, with World Profit online, he has helped people create residual income using automation.
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