To Grow out Faith, we Need Prespective

When the disciples asked Jesus to increase their faith, He answered by telling them that if their faith was as small as a mustard seed, they would be able to uproot and cast a mulberry tree into the sea (Luke 17:5-6). In other words, the important issue was not the size of their faith;  it was the size of their God.

Jesus disciples needed the proper perspective in order to grow their faith. So do we.

I get an object lesson on perspective whenever I drive my car. The power steering I can easily turn my two-ton automobile around with one finger- not because my finger is that strong, but because the power steering is. My finger merely acts to engage the power that accomplishes the task. That is how faith works.

Lifestyle Ministries founder Ron Drunn said it this way:

Faith must have an object. To many people, the important thing is to believe and what you believe is secondary. They have the notion that there is something mystical, magical in the mere act of believing, a sort of holy shazam that transforms simple mortals into Captain Marvels. But the Truth is, faith itself has no power. It is not faith the moves mountains, it is GOD… Biblically speaking, faith, as a mere human activity, possesses no virtue, holds no merit, contains no power. The power of faith lies in its object.”

The conclusion in life and in my home business I rely on faith thank my lord and savior for the ability to help others using my God-given talents and technology to inspire people to achieve through my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

One thing I learned over my 28 years online is to never quit even when times get tough. My upbringing taught me about never second guess myself and serving in the Military for 20 years also just reinforced this on my daily journey in life and business online.



Howard Martell

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