What defines your success online and in life when it comes to business

Good day everyone, My name is Howard Martell also known online as the Homeprofitcoach located in USA Virginia Beach Va.

Today we will discuss why been successful online and how it aligns in almost every area of my spiritual life. First and foremost give glory to Jesus Christ who is my partner in this journey we call life daily.

More about myself served in the US Navy for 20 years hung up my uniform as Cybersecurity Professional. The journey started when I made the choice to serve The Great Republic by joining the military my journey year of 1991 with guaranteed of enlistment after graduation the following year and schooling for my rating promised in the contract. The transformation after graduating Boot Camp was immediate and started this new life for me. I had many ups and downs during my career plenty of failure and successes. I remember vividly how caught the Internet Marketing bug one of my co-workers told me how we were making money as the affiliate marketer. In early 1999 if recall started out with a company called Global Domains International  

I am still with this program and earn some income from this business which is quite affordable and helped launch my internet marketing career part-time.  Another business tried was direct selling ones, and many others it wasn’t until finding out about my current company Worldprofit which just celebrated 25 years successfully online providing my current platform towards earning a sizable monthly income. What I lacked in knowledge George Kosch helped me with proper proven techniques to earn money using nothing but landing pages with or without embedded videos.  No need for me to be an expert salesperson but an affiliate online marketing coach who assists new associates online with traffic packages for their URLs, weekly education, landing page builders, proven traffic sources etc.

My passion now is to help as many marketers online stop wasting time and valuable income show the value that we serious business owners get by having a home business. This journey continues as approach 9 years of success with this program and the immediate tax savings I get daily.

For further information On how my services might help you and your business succeed. Visit my site at http://www.HomeProfitCoach.com/?rd=lt7fzCja

God Bless,

Howard Martell






I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.