Why people who are working online fail with there business











Good day, my name is Howard Martell a little about myself been marketing for well over 28 years and have enjoyed success recently with my home business the past 9 years. My partnership with Worldprofit has propelled me to earning consistence income over this time period because George Kosch and his President Sandi Hunter keeps giving us more and more and hasn’t made our investment any less over the past 25 years in business online.

Today I am going to discuss a disturbing trend see each morning while communicating and sharing my knowledge at a place called traffic swirl chat.  While surfing for traffic we have a chat area and ask business related questions but many members will talk about monsoon season, or how the weather is instead of how to succeed in there business online.

Tip 1: Maintain Focus on the list building and proper leverage to capture your audience’s attention.

Tip 2:  Early bird gets the worm wake early like successful people and start promoting to legit safelists, traffic exchanges, and paid sources like solo ads etc. I have a ton of sources which want to share with my audience link is above.

Tip 3:  Never quit those who give up will then be transfixed on what we call the shiny object syndrome. If a marketer doesn’t see the immediate success they decide to quit instead of giving any program at least 1 year. This is a business and not a hobby if you want success online it depends on your will to succeed and continuous traffic sources, and weekly education.

Finally, people need to know how much you care first before they will ever trust to invest in you the person and then any business.

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God Bless,

Howard Martell




I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.