Big Changes for Home-Biz Tax Deductions

Well, howard, Congress made a bunch of 
changes to our small-business tax-deductions 
in the “2018 Tax Cuts & Jobs Act.”

One big one has been nearly ELIMINATED.
One BRAND-NEW big one has been ADDED.
Some have been BEEFED-UP a bit.
Others have been WATERED-DOWN some.

EVERY small or home-based business owner
in America will be affected by some of these
tax-law changes, so don’t miss this briefing.

All changes will be addressed in a special new
Web-Briefing I will conduct live (and for free)
THIS COMING SUNDAY, 12/16 in the evening at
6pm PST; 7pm MST; 8pm CST, and 9pm EST.

NOTE: This briefing will be content-dense, so
have your pencils sharpened and paper ready. 
I know your time is precious, so we will cover it 
all in 60-min or less.

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Go ahead – do it right now while you’re mind
is on this. The single, best thing you can do
to NOT overpay your taxes, is to be tax-smart.
I can make that easy for you. Okay?
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        Dr. Ron Mueller, MBA, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker & Small-Business Tax Educator

Remember this: Your ophthalmologist does not
take care of your eyes, your dentist does not
take care of your teeth – and, guess what else? –
your tax pro does not take care of your taxes.
Let that sink in.

Your “tax guy” or “tax gal” are called tax
PREPARERS. There are reasons they
are not called “Tax Minimizers” and not
called “Tax-Savings Coaches” and not
called “Tax Educators.&r dquo; If you have a
tax pro who does those things for you, 
you are receiving a high-valuable and 
very rare “bonus.”

The only person who can effectively reduce 
your taxes to the lowest legal amount, is the
person you see in the mirror every morning.


I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.