Will Gov’t Shutdown Slow Down Your Tax Refunds?

Well, howard, so far they’re saying no.

The IRS will announce tomorrow it will start
processing 2019 tax returns on January 28,
under mandate ordered by the White House.

During the current the Federal Government
shut-down, the IRS is working with only 12.5
percent of its regular staff.
Have any of you suffered from 
       that so far? Didn’t think so.

By the way, due to that extreme staff-shortage,
the IRS has suspended all audits, except for
criminal cases. (Oh, darned!).

Uncle Sam has not released any contingency
plans, in the event the shut-down drags on.

Last year, the IRS kicked off tax filing season
on January 29. By the end of the first week
it had received 18.3 million returns and had
authorized $6.1 million refunds, with an
average payout of $2,035.

Could there be a delay in processing refunds?
Let me ask you a question – would any astute
politician who wants to be reelected in 2020
dare let a “small thing” like a government
shutdown delay refund checks from being
delivered promptly to 122-million voters?
(Oops, I meant to say taxpayers.)

Occasionally (but rarely) the self-interest of
politicians can actually work to our advantage.

That’s a Tax Tip You Can Bank On for
Thursday. January 10, 2019.

Dr. Ronald R. (“Ron”) Mueller, MBA Ph.D. 
Author, Speaker and Small-Business Tax-Educator

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