Internet Savings Accounts – What To Look Out For

Now more than ever people are trying to take control of their finances. The harsh downturn in our economy has been a wake up call for many. The status quo no longer works, we have to stop living beyond our means and we have to start saving for the inevitable rainy day. Opening internet savings accounts is one way to take a big first step in the right direction. So why would you open an internet account instead of one right at your local bank? The prevailing theory is that an online account will pay a higher interest rate since it has less overhead. That has proven to be the case most of the time but you will need to check out the interests rates when you are ready to open your account. You have to remember that online or off, interest rates will fluctuate. No one can guarantee a certain rate for more than a short time, if at all.

Another thing to keep in mind is that a lot of banks will offer incentives to get your business, a great rate, a fee reduction, etc. These incentives are usually only for a short time so make sure you know what will happen after that time expires. Here are a few other points you need to keep in mind when shopping for an online bank:

1) Interest rates aren’t the only factor to consider.

2) How much will need to open the account?

3) Will you have to maintain a minimum balance, and if so, how much?

4) How many withdrawals can you make a month? Are they all free, or will you only have a certain number of free transactions and then be charged a fee?

5) Get a detailed, and easy to understand, list of all fee’s and other important information.

6) What type of customer service do they offer? Ideally you will be able to access customer service by several means, not just email. There are times when you can’t wait 2 to 3 days for a response to a question. It really doesn’t matter what financial mistakes you may have made up to this point in your life. Now is a good time to take stock and make the necessary changes. Take the first step today and open internet savings accounts. The next time things in the economy get rough you’ll be thankful that you did.

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