Does Your Website Work The Best It Can For You

Setting up a website is a pretty simple affair. Most anyone can set up their own website, either for free or for a small amount of money. But while setting up a website is simple and easy, setting up a successful website is a whole different ordeal. There are a lot of aspects involved in determining whether or not your website is working as it should, and most people have no idea what these aspects are. For the most part this is not that big of a deal for those who are just testing the waters or hosting personal stuff. But for those who are trying to set up a website for their business, this can be life or death for your business. So you should ask yourself, Does Your Website "Work?

To answer that question you need to start from the beginning. Go through your website as if you were a visitor, check all your links and make sure everything looks nice and works as intended. We have all gone to websites where they had buttons that led to incomplete or "under construction" parts of the site. That sort of thing is absolutely unacceptable for a business website. By simply going through and clicking on everything and verifying it all works as intended, you can save yourself a lot of grief down the road. It sounds like a common sense thing to do, but you would be surprised at how many people forget this simple, yet crucial step. After that you should again ask yourself, Does Your Website "Work?

You might think you are safe once you checked over everything, but that is just the technical aspect of it. Yeah, sure, all your buttons work as intended and you have everything you want, but are people seeing it? Part of making a working website is ensuring it is getting the traffic it needs. There are a lot of web designers out there who can design a very pretty and nice looking website, but that website is not built to utilize SEO and is difficult to make successful. There are really two main types of websites in this regard.

Formatted ones, such as some web designers use, and more modular ones, which is what you should use. You want to be able to freely and easily modify your website to account for changes Google and other search engines make. You will also want to include all the things these search engines look for when determining what page your website lands on. You want to build your website so that it utilizes all aspects of SEO and gets on the first page. So when asking Does Your Website "Work, it is not just about the obvious stuff such as checking all the buttons, but also the more subtle things. Even if your website is functional and everything works, it is still not "working" if it does not perform it’s role in attracting visitors. Only once you get people visiting your website and are making money can you say your website is truly working.

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