Bill Consolidation Loans What You Need To Know

Now that many of us are experiencing first hand the bad financial decisions that we have been encouraged to make over the past few decades, it’s time to start to take stock of our financial house and make things right. If you are considering bill consolidation loans then you need to read this article. There are two major types of consolidation loans: secured and unsecured. A secured loan will want something for collateral, usually your house. It amounts to a second mortgage.

This isn’t a bad option as long as you have sound financial skills and a steady income. Many people will get into trouble with this type of loan because they often have bad financial habits which is what lead to them needing the consolidation loan in the first place. For example, someone who uses credit cards to live beyond their means could potentially lose everything with a secured loan. They will be able to pay off all of their credit cards which is good but they will also have another mortgage payment to make. If they are responsible and don’t use their cards, and they pay their house payments on time, this can be an excellent option.

But if they revert to their bad financial habits and start racking up credit card debt they will be in a lot of trouble because now they will not only have their credit card bills they will also have their second mortgage payment too. If they default on their mortgage payment they will likely lose their house. An unsecured loan can be a safer option but you’ll need excellent credit to qualify. The bank is much stricter on who receives an unsecured loan because they don’t have any collateral and are taking on much more risk. If you have even minor problems with your credit you probably won’t be approved. If you are approved you will likely have a much higher interest rate. This too can be an excellent option to help you get out of debt but you have to make smart financial moves from that point forward. You don’t have to get a second mortgage on your house but the bank will only allow you to consolidate your debt so many times.

You have to use this money to pay off your credit cards and then put them away. Only use credit for emergencies, and no, a plasma t.v. isn’t an emergency. If you are financially smart and use a bill consolidation loans wisely it might be a good option for you. Just remember it isn’t a magic cure, you still have to be financially responsible.

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