Tax Tips and Business Success

It’s now a fact howard, that 95% of the time,
when anyone is looking for any product or
service, first step is to do an online search.

If I were to do a Google search for your
products or services, or your type of business,
in your town, how many “matches” would it
turn show up? 10,000? 100,000? 500,000?

Most people will pick one of the matches that
appear on the first page of the search. They
only go on to page two if they do not see what
they are looking for on page-one.

Rarely does anyone ever look at page three
or beyond to see the matches on dozens (or
sometimes hundreds) of additional pages.

If I Googled a keyword or phrase for the kinds
of products or services, you offer, or the type
of business you’re in, what are the chances
I’ll find you on the FIRST PAGE of matches?

Another question:
What if YOU or YOUR company DID show
up on the first search page? How much
would that help your business to grow?
Probably a lot, right?

Six months from today is Christmas. What if
Santa brought you a magic lamp. Then what
if a magic genie popped out and granted you
three wishes. What if your three wishes were:
1. I want to show up on Google search
page-one – every time;
2. I want none of my competitors to ever
appear on that same page;
3. I want to be able to make that happen –
    Guaranteed – for a flat 69 bucks a month,
(tax-deductible), for as many months or
years as I wish.

Hi, I’m your genie. You can claim your three
wishes at Yes, it
IS that simple. Watch the 2-min video at and you’ll see for
yourself. Don’t waste you three wishes.

Brought to You as a Public Service by 
  Dr. Ron Mueller, MBA, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker & Small-Biz Tax Coach

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