Using Facebook And Twitter Together For Your Business

While some will argue that Facebook and Twitter can never work together to achieve a common goal in terms of business, this notion is really just a matter of professional adjustment. In online discussions, Facebook has been constantly related to personal contacts and updates while Twitter is more widely known for its professional purposes. And for a time, that impression was true until Facebook created its Fan Page. With a Fan Page, profiles can be professional and used for business updates.

Both continue to still have their own set of advantages of disadvantages though. As we have been discussing, Facebook can bring a social and emotional impact to your product much more naturally than Twitter can although it can also be subject to a lot of unnecessary clutter. Twitter, on the other hand, gives fast and easy updates. The concept of microblogging can target a different market and can help you watch what competition is doing. Moreover, these two can actually work together in getting more prospects. After all, there are people who still continue to use Twitter alone and some who still prefer opening just their Facebook page.

So my question is, why not create two accounts to garner a wider market? With both social networks, you as the account moderator should be very careful as to what to what you post. Be mindful of posting personal issues and refrain from talking about business problems, disagreements and so on. You should stick to things that your customers or potential customers will be interested in such as project updates, product launches, useful links, updates from the official website, any news from events, conferences or meetings attended, sales, promos, incentives and potential collaborations with clients are more preferable inclusions.

Remember that both are social networks and being a social network, you should provide a politely casual but not overly personal tone when making Tweets and Facebook posts. Respond in a proper manner when customers ask for assistance or make product inquiries. It is also good to infuse some personality to your Tweets and page updates. Don?t just talk about products, services or company business the time. This will annoy followers and will even bore them.

There are several ways that you can link Twitter to Facebook in order to better organize your updates. Twitter has an official page which gives you instructions with a Twitter application that integrates the two together. Similarly, there is also a Facebook application which helps organize Fan Page contacts directly to the Twitter account too.

This way, you can be sure of the consistency of the news given. By being consistently with your posts you can effectively put your Facebook and Twitter accounts to work for your business. You can use them both to drive traffic to your website through your marketing efforts by incorporating contests, exclusive news, articles and more. This way, you can gain maximum coverage from both sites.

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