Brick-and-Mortar Marketing: Networking With People at Speaking Events

Internet marketing has become extensively popular with marketers. This is because Internet marketing has become a versatile tool: you can speak with more people all over the world and get your message across to them relatively quickly. You can have your pick of different media online so that you can better tailor your message to fit the needs and desires of as many people as possible. You can post advertisements through plain text, banner ads, animation, video, and sound. There are many ways to reach out to people and you can choose games, short stories, poetry, or images. Indeed, Internet marketing has been so popular, people have often forgotten that the main audience of the Internet is still people. This means that every kind of Internet marketing must have a social aspect to it. true, you can reach out to people by writing content that touches hearts, have banner ads that feature heartwarming images, animation that is fun and humorous, videos that are of high quality and featuring people that have a lot in common with your customers, and sound bytes that can help your customers get closer to you. However, there is nothing like real brick-and-mortar networking, and nothing like meeting people face to face in order to establish connections. How might you benefit from real social networking, when there are wider networks online, such as FaceBook and MySpace?

First of all, you are not sure about the identities of members of social networks. True, a social network can be a great place to generate viral marketing, but you will eventually have to meet with people in order to put up your business. Second, people will still want to meet you in order to gauge if you are to be trusted, so why wait? Start looking for a place to meet people that you might be interested in working with, or he might be interested in your products and services.

The best place for you to start is at a convention or at a speaking event, where people who are interested in the same thing congregate and have a good number of meals together. When at a convention or a speaking event, be gregarious but not overbearing. Shake people?s hands firmly, introduce yourself in a clear voice, and be polite. Do not interrupt conversations, and do not claim to know everything or put on airs; at the same time, do not be too humble or quiet.

Walk around, know people, and ask questions: this way, you will know more about people and see how well you can convince them to either join your prospective company or visit your website. If you are in a circle of people, try to draw quiet people into a conversation. Always have your business cards handy, and bring at least twice the number you need when you go to a convention. On your business card, have your name printed out, along with one contact number, a professional contact email, and the URL of your website. Present your business card midway through a conversation, when you have successfully introduced yourself and made known your career or what exactly it is you do. By presenting your business card immediately, you may appear to be presumptuous, so establish your reputation first. First impressions count for a good deal, so be gentle but fierce, and be friendly and open to people.

These are only a few tips that you may want to follow when doing brick-and-mortar social networking. If you are able to meet up with people and be the best person face-to-face, you can be easily trusted online.

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