Getting Ahead in the Popularity Contest: Tips for Submitting to Link Directories and Increasing Website Traffic

Web directory submission can be a very efficient and cost-free method to build links and drive traffic to your site. It’s the equivalent of joining a club offline just to get exposure and increase your prospects. However, it can backfire badly if it’s not done well. Here are ways you can use link directories to increase your web popularity: Make sure your website is link-ready. Don?t submit a website if there are pages that are still under construction. Link directories don?t exist for the sake of linking one website to another ? they actually have a job to do. Before submitting your website to a directory, check to see if it’s ready for viewing by other people. Get objective points of view from people you trust or at least allow your website to run for several weeks or months. That way, a number of people should have seen it and could give you feedback about your site. Check for broken links and old, irrelevant entries.

Avoid too many advertisements and pop-ups. And lastly, make sure your website is an original, not some self-replicated site from your affiliate program. Verify with the web directory about their preferences so you avoid any rejection or delays. Look for web directories Your next step is to find the appropriate web directories to which you can submit your site for link building. Try Yahoo! ( and DMOZ ( You can also check out and Read their FAQs carefully to make sure you follow certain rules they might implement. Some websites, for example, prefer your list of keywords separated by spaces instead of commas. You might also want to check the type of categories available in each directory, so you’ll have an idea with which group you’ll be listed with. Prepare your site details. Use your computer’s text editor and type your site information.

This will allow you to cut and paste the data and immediately use it for submission. Type your site URL, your site’s heading or title and a short description of what your site is about. Use the third person point of view. Next, type your name and e-mail address. Use your full name and not your screen name. Include the relevant keyword to help visitors using search engines find your site. If you have more than one, separate each keyword with a comma or a space, depending on the requirement. Don?t make the mistake of promoting your site here ? don?t use exclamation marks and no hypes, please.

The directory will want to see your site’s description and not your ad. Web directory services: are they worth the money? For those who have no time to submit to link directories themselves, using a web directory service may be a good idea. The fee varies, depending on the number of web directories the service will submit to, the time period they will continue the submissions and the type of PageRanking these directories have. If you’re using these web directory services, make sure they offer you an opportunity to appear in numerous directories. Otherwise, it will be a waste of money. Using web directories Web directories are the equivalent of your local Yellow Pages. It gets you categorized and helps people find you. Learn how to use this web resource from

The Barking Videos’ ‘Web Directory Traffic’. You’ll find the essential steps on how to submit your site to a web directory and begin enjoying the traffic sent your way through your newly established links.

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