How PR Can Make Your Website Better

In the brick and mortar world, communications on special events, launches, and new and emerging stars are done through press releases. A press release is a one-page statement that contains information that will give the reader the why, who, what, where, when, and how of an event or person. It is the press release that is circulated through newspapers in order for events or products to be made public.

It is also the press release that is circulated through radio stations and TV stations so that broadcasters can immediately make an announcement regarding the release?s contents. A press release may look like an old-fashioned way to deliver communications, but believe it or not, a press release can actually work online. Think of the press release as the one-stop-shop that it is in the real world: if the person reading the press release online knows the why, who, what, where, when, and how of your website, and at one go, this person can immediately find out what your website is all about and what you can offer. You can also tailor a press release to fit a product or service that you are offering: if you can keep the elements of the press release short and sweet, then you can have prospective customers going to your website faster. What are the advantages of having a press release? First, a press release is short.

A person?s average attention span online will last no more than ten seconds. That is, if you fail to catch a person?s attention within ten seconds (and sometimes even less!) through an online-delivered message, then you will lose that person immediately, along with the potential sale and profit that that person could have brought. A press release will do just the opposite that most online ads do: a press release will give all the information at one go, allowing your prospective customers to make their decisions faster. And if you can press these customers to buy or visit your website faster, then you can see a faster turnover! Because a press release is short and often comprised of just text, it will be easier to send the press release through email to different websites that are tasked with giving out or posting press releases. Imagine how tedious it would be for your recipients to download your attachments, or to wait for a long advertisement to finally finish getting into their inboxes. Moreover, because a press release is short, you can post it on forums or in online groups without taxing on the forums? space or the inbox space of the rest of the members of your online group. By failing to annoy people, you just might get a better reputation for yourself faster. These are just a few advantages of making press releases.

If you want to make a press release, be sure to state, in just one page, the basic facts about your website, or about your products and services. Make your mood engaging, avoid using jargon or technical terms, and keep your sentences short. Make your paragraphs less text heavy too: this can allow for more white space in the body of the press release itself, making it easier to read online. With some press release-writing know-how, and with good language that is convincing as it is correct, you can increase your sales and profits, and bring more people to your website.

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