How To Drive Traffic To Your Site Using A Blog

Blog is short for ?Web Log? in which data or entries are written usually in chronological order. Topics or subjects may vary, it may be in a simple diary form of the blogger, a commentary of some sort, or simply a space for advertising a certain product or service that is of personal interest to the blogger. Although blogs mainly contains texts, some include videos and/or images that could further enhance the visual impact of the site.

Types of blogs include categorizing it by media or by device.

1. A media type of blog can be comprised of the following: ? Include links to various websites. This is usually called LINKLOGS ? Contains sketches, most commonly known as SKETCHBLOGS ? Composed of various photos, this type is called PHOTOBLOGS. ? If it contains videos about certain topics, then it is called a VLOG.

2. A blog of the device type is defined as to what type of device it is composed of. There are various blog search engines. These include Bloglines, Sphere, Technorati, BlogScope, Amatomu and IceRocket. And how can an individual drive more traffic into his or her blog? This can be achieved by following some of the simple tips below: ? If one would like to include photos, post it on flicker. ? Choose topics that could be timeless in nature. ? Write about the general interest of the masses, but also; ? Write about matters or topics that are generally appealing to only a limited few. ? Make the articles funny and attention-grabbing ? Make posts on the blog during weedays since there are more readers during these days, but; ? Also write new posts on weekends since few bloggers post new items on these days. In short, try to make new write-ups almost everyday. ? Deviate from trying to make comments about anything. ? Adding links to your article is good, but do not overdo it. Limiting it to at least tow (2) per paragraph would be good enough to serve its purpose. ? Add ads that are somewhat related or is relevant to the topic being discussed. If it is better than the article itself, much preferred. Traffic might increase, even if only for the ad itself, it?s up to the individual?s post then to hold unto that attention for a longer period of time. ? Try not to focus on one topic for long periods of time. Just long enough to thoroughly discuss it, but short enough to hold unto the attention of the reader for a specific period. ? Educate yourself about your preferred topic. This would make an individual an expert of some sort, making the posts more believable. ? Try to think of a topic that has not been blogged about before, and then encourage others to write about the same topic. ? Write something about Google. ?

Do write about blogging ? Make it eye catching, though do not overdo it. Pay specific attention to the font being used, the background, and the number of ads posted. ? Give due credit to those who had provided assistance, or those who simply inspired the individual to embark on the topic. ? Edit and proof-read the posts a number of times before the actual posting.

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