How to Improve Pageviews of Your Site

Increasing traffic running through your site is one thing, but getting a good number of people to stay and actually view what your site has to offer is another. If your site is all about routing traffic to other sites that you’re advertising, then you won’t really need to worry much about your pageview count. However, if you’re running a website whose purpose is to get people to stay and view your content, then you should focus less on getting traffic to simply run to your site and focus more on the number of people actually willing to see what you have to offer. Here are some pretty simple tips to follow. Keep your material fresh – the need for quality material in a website goes without saying, but unfortunately most people seem to forget this simple fact. Unless your website has real substance to it’s content you’ll find people unwilling to stick around. Aside from writing your own articles with an eye towards quality, you can also try and look for reliable article providers with solid pools of ghostwriters who can make decent material for you to use.

If you have some decent talent at writing you can just edit these articles to suit your site’s flavor. Keep your site navigation user friendly – one good way to kick up your site’s page views is to keep it’s navigation functions very easy to use. A highly visible search button is one very important feature, and of course links to your major section pages have to be displayed prominently. Some people make their site navigation clunky on purpose on the mistaken belief that people viewing their site will be forced to jump all over the place trying to find their way around, thus increasing page views. However, this actually leads to people dropping out of a site the instant they find that the navigation is garbage. I know I do.

Minimize on the bling – another common mistake made by a lot of websites is to put as much flashy-glowy stuff on their site as possible to act as eye catchers. This is usually to cover up a lack of any real substance to the website’s materials. It’s rather akin to a car that has far too many decals, a spoiler, flashy rims, oversized muffler, etc. but having a substandard engine. Minimize on the banners and animations on your site, and give people things they can USE on your site. Highlight the important details – increasing pageviews on your site is made easier when you highlight the most important sections of it and present them on the main page.

This not only makes it easy for people to navigate your site, it also offers them a quick overview of what you have to offer at a glance. Granted, this will not work if your website’s contents are lackluster to begin with – in which case refer to advice #1… Make your site interactive – lastly, one very good method to increase your pageviews is to give your viewers a chance to do things on your site for themselves. Things like having a "suggestions" portion, or active forums on your site where people can interact, will make them know that they have an actual say in how your website works. This gives them a sense of belonging that can encourage them to come back repeatedly.

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