How to Make Joint Ventures Generate Targeted Traffic for Your Website

Joint ventures are short-term partnerships between two or more companies wishing to attain certain goals. If you wish to have joint venture partners help generate huge targeted traffic for your website, consider the following suggestions.

Tip #1 Choose joint venture partners who are in the same business as you are. This doesn?t mean combining forces with your competitors ? it?s possible but quite tricky to accomplish ? but you should think more along the lines of those offering complementary products and services. If you are selling photography ebooks, an ideal joint venture partner would be a book critic, retailer, or a professional photographer.

Tip #2 Joint venture partners with their own opt-in lists may agree to scratch your back if you agree to scratch theirs. More to the point, they?ll agree to promoting about your website or, at the very least, using your website as one of their recommended links if you agree to do the same for their website. Secondly, post the subscription form of your JV partners on your website. Let your readers know what they can expect to enjoy when they opt-in to your partner?s email list. And yes, have your JV partners do the same for you. If you can wrangle this agreement from your JV partners, make sure that both of you know what to say about each other. Both of you should focus on the key benefits offered by the endorsed product. At the end, don?t forget to mention how buying your product would complement use of the endorsed item.

Tip #3 Another give-and-take project for you and your joint venture partners is by exchanging articles. Let him host yours and vice versa. You could also partially revise the articles to provide a stronger connection between your products and his. Remember to have a brief description about your business as well as your website address pasted at the end of every article.

Tip #4 Use joint ventures to make up for your inadequacies. If your advertisements have excellent content but poor visual quality, find an artist willing to work with you and with the ability to appreciate your flair for words. Better ads can generate more traffic and the same results will show up every time you eradicate another flaw of yours.

Tip #5 Become co-owners of a blog. Discussions can be quite interesting when there?s more than one opinion involved. Of course, it?s important to set up some rules to prevent the idea from backfiring. First, choose a topic that all of you are at least familiar with, if not knowledgeable about. Having opposing perspectives is fun, but make sure everyone?s clear that what you?re about to have is just a friendly debate to generate traffic and nothing else. It?s purely business and nothing personal. Remember to post the links to your websites at the end.

Tip #6 Make a deal with your JV partners about posting a certain number of comments on your partners? websites or blogs each day. Ask your JV partners to include your website in his link section. Every time you think of something new, remember to include or add it to the joint venture contract you and your JV partners have signed. If there?s none, it?s better that you make one to avoid future complications.

Tip #7 Lastly, evaluate and monitor results from your strategies to see which needs greater support, modification, or a complete change of direction. Howard Martell is the Owner of . Check us out anytime for marketing tips and a free subscription to our cutting edge newsletter.


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