Homeprofitcoach is Rocking it with Team Gold As Independent Associate leader at Genusity

I am so blessed to be able to share with my readers today the excitement and momentum of this solid debt-free company.  From the Founders Tim Sebert and Randy Thomas and the rest of the members you feel the love all around.   This company is Genusity

Let’s reflect on my long career in this industry started out with Tim and Randy back in Global Domain’s International day’s and made some money.  But it wasn’t until I found out really how with my current company how to use nothing but graphic landing pages with Worldprofit that was propelled into my list building and relationship networking marketing success story that has been rolling the past 10 years plus mostly part-time but with a full-time attitude with a profit intent daily.

My journey started while serving during my Active Duty time in early ’90s in Hawaii and discovered Internet Marketing and fell in love with it from one of my co-workers and just felt this urge to know more about it.  In hindsight made some money by had no clue like most marketers never understood how to properly built a list of customers until late 2009 when people kept telling me about this Worldprofit and thats when dropped some things and gave it try and the rest has been history.

In the time since built a list of over 93,000 opt-in globally in 10 years using landing pages, trained thousands, created my own utube training videos, closed sales live weekly for our community, provided consultation and marketing services to my clients, and consistently in top 5 of sales each month thanks to WorldProfit.

Because of this has prepared me to succeed in Genusity using the same techniques of list building and being a top leader in short time-frame with sales so far this month and uplifting and inspiring each fellow Genusity family member with helpful tips and techniques to push them to the top of success in the company.

The Unique of the powerline system for me is the icing on the cake and another added advantage is to show all my clients the tax savings benefits we business only get by running a home business.

To know more how God has helped me and my family become so blessed in this wonderful industry feel free to reach out to me at 757-647-2886

Serious inquiries only as I want to work with people who want to uplift people out of any difficult situation and become financially free!

God Bless,

Howard Martell


Independent Associate Gold Member Genusity

Disabled US Navy Vet (RET)



I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.