Shoot Me! Tips for Using Videos to Send Traffic to Your Site

If you still doubt that videos can improve your site’s traffic, you’ve probably never heard of YouTube. That site was single handedly built, sustained and made popular by videos, loads of videos. In fact, some of the most well-known videos were first seen here, launching careers and personalities within a short span of time. Not only that, some of the biggest companies in the world, such as Coca-Cola, General Motors and Cisco Systems make use of videos in their websites. Don?t miss out on this terrific opportunity. Here are tips on how to use videos to send traffic to your site: Have a good story line. It all rests on the core of your video’s purpose. What’s in it, anyway? Something about your website or business may keep you up all night due to excitement but it might bore half of the world’s population.

This is why you should be careful about the kind of material you will be using for video marketing. Find a topic you know and understand, something that you can relate to your website or business. How you make the video will of course depend on what you’re trying to promote. Write a short outline on how the video will progress, what you will present in it, what you will say, how it will end, etc. Be prepared to edit. Don?t hire someone else to do this for you. Edit the video yourself using video editing software already on board your computer. Video editing software allows you to cut and splice scenes, add texts, colors and side effects, along with background music and spoken narration. Try to keep the video complete but as short as possible. Two to three minutes’ worth of video should be enough and if you could manage a minute, that’s even better. If the video is longer, say 5 to 7 minutes, it better be worth it.

Remember that you will have to compete with hundreds of thousands of other videos on one site alone. Since most people have a short attention span to view your material, make sure your video is appealing and short enough to be noticed. Advertise your site on the video. Make sure to insert your website address or URL within the video itself. Better yet, you could embed a link in an icon or logo that will appear in the video that viewers can click to to arrive at your site. Submit your video to the most popular sites. The logic here is quite simple: popular sites are more likely to be visited by more people so your video has a better chance of gaining better exposure. Although nothing should stop you from sending your videos to every site you find, there are some sites will not send as much traffic to you as others. Choose carefully, making sure that your submissions are strategic to maximize your efforts. Use tags for your video. Tags function like keywords, in that they help categorize or index your video. If you have a fishing site, for example, and your video is about fishing, use tags such as ‘fishing’, ‘salmon fishing’, ‘fishing gear’, etc. People who will search for items related to fishing are bound to come across this video and go to your site.

Using videos for marketing and to send traffic to your site is a proven method, provided you use it well. Find out more about the essential components a successful video has from ‘Videos’, the 12th in a series presented by Learn the ways you can present an idea, what to include in your shoot and how to use the numerous free resources on the web to produce videos that will send traffic to your site and build your online reputation.

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