Are YOU Sitting on a “Tax Audit TIME BOMB?”

if your business has been
reporting a loss for two or more years in a
row, you are sitting on an audit time-bomb.

The IRS has very sophisticated computers
that track small businesses that lose money.

When you report business losses 2 years in a
row, a proverbial alarm goes off, notifying the
audit division. Auditors are programmed to then
approach your case with a “presumption”
that you have “no intention of making a profit.”

They will act as if – and even tell you to your face –
“you’re just in business to generate tax benefits,
not to generate profits.” YES, that is INTIMIDATION,
and that is exactly what they are trying to do.

Here’s where it can get scary… When you and
an auditor disagree on something – anything –
by law the Auditor automatically wins, UNLESS
YOU can PROVE they are WRONG.

How do you do that? That’s where WE can
help pull your fat from the fire. You see, you
are not required to produce a profit in order
to benefit from the small-business tax breaks,
you simply just have to show you have a profit
INTENT</ span>. In other words, prove that you are
TRYING to produce a profit.

So now your question should be, “HOW do
I PROVE my INTENT?” A good question,
Which deserves a good answer…

Auditors are given a 54-page guide which
tells them, step-by-step, how to intimidate
you through a series of “leading questions.”
(Of course, we have a copy of that unclassified

The first question they’ll ask you is,
“Do you have a business plan?”
They presume you will reply,
  “No, I don’t. Is that a requirement?”
They respond,
 “Not technically, but most REAL businesses have one.”
The implication is that y ou are not running a real business.

So, here’s what we have done for you…

Auditors have been provided with a sample
of what a business plan should look like.
(As you would expect, we have a copy, of it.)

The FIRST thing we did for you, is we developed
a fill-in-the-blanks business plan template that
looks exactly like the sample they were given.

That’s a good start, but their 54-page audit guide
also provides them with 133 leading-questions
they are told to use to “wear you down.”

So… The SECOND thing we did for you is
 [ this is brilliant, if I do say so, myself ]
we took that template and then built-in to the
text, credible ANSWERS to ALL 133 questions.

1. Imagine being hammered with 133
intimidating questions.
2. Imagine not having to even think about
the answer; but instead, your answer to
every question is: “Actually, that is covered
right here in my business plan.&r dquo;
(How happily smug would that let you feel?)

How do you GET this “magic bullet?”
Just type this into your browser:

We have made this as easy as possible
for you to create your own customized,
personalized Audit-Defense Business Plan,
AND as affordable as possible so that
everyone who needs it can get.

1. If you have reported 2+ years of business
losses, you have a problem.
2. If you will visit,
you’ll see we have your solution.

I can only lead a horse to water; I can’t
make the horse drink. Do not delay. The IRS
will not be waiting for you to get ready.

I have done the best I know how, to help you.
Choose wisely.

           Dr. Ron Mueller, MBA, Ph.D.
Author, Speaker & Small-Biz Tax-Savings Coach


I have been marketing online for 30 years helping people do it right with education, and list building tools and procedures.