SAVING Christmas Traditions That Stand the Test of Time


Christmas Traditions That Stand the Test of Time


Christmas. Oh how we love you.

Even though our neighbor’s lighted yard attracts more traffic than the mall on Christmas Eve, we love you.

Even though we know Uncle Billy will send the same $5 tie, just in a different color, we love you.

Even though we know it’s highly unlikely that Santa will bring us that Red Rider BB gun, we love you.

We love Christmas because even though we’ll probably forget about many of the gifts by February, we’ll still have the memories and the traditions that make Christmas so special.

With that in mind, we wanted to find out what Christmas memories and traditions are special in your life. So we asked Dave’s Facebook fans to share some of their own Christmas traditions and memories, and they responded with more than 1,000 great ideas!

So if you’re struggling to create some memories of your own, check out these awesome ideas.

“My wife, daughter and I bake several dozen cookies then box them up and distribute them throughout our neighborhood. We have a good time baking—it is usually about an eight-hour event—but we have even more fun giving them out to others.” —John

“One Christmas, we put $100 in a Christmas card and gave it to a lady in our church who has five kids. Then, we stood outside of a window where she couldn’t see us and watched her open it. She jumped up crying and ran to the phone to call and tell her mom. I found out later they had no money to buy gifts for the kids. One hundred dollars may not seem like much, but that Christmas I felt like I gave a million.” —Cricket


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“My grandfather started a tradition that has endured past his death. One year they had no money for themselves or anyone else. So my grandpa wrote a letter to each member of the family. The heartfelt letter was opened Christmas morning. My mother still talks about that Christmas as one of the very best she has ever had.” —Bryan

“After the tree is decorated, we turn out the rest of the lights and add a ‘memory bow’ to the tree for each loved one no longer with us. We share stories about them and their lives so they are not forgotten.” —Sue

“Collect Christmas cards you have received. In January, select one each day and pray for the sender.” —Suzie

“Every year, a lucky family member gets a rock that’s painted to look like a potato. If you get the potato rock, you have the honor of gifting it to another family member the following year. As the years have passed, the creativity in the presentation of the rock increases. It’s shown up in a refrigerator box full of newspaper, a bag of potato chips, and even a Mr. Potato Head toy. It’s so much fun to keep this tradition going year after year.” —Malia

“My Grandpa always had to get out of the car to lift the garage door so Grandma could pull in. I always felt sorry for him, especially in winter. So for three summers, I saved all the money Grandpa gave for mowing his yard, and I bought him a garage door opener for his Christmas gift! I loved seeing his reaction when he opened it! It brought me so much joy every time Grandma pulled in without Grandpa having to get out in the cold.” —Phil

What are some of your favorite Christmas traditions and memories? Share yours by leaving a comment below.

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