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As a subscriber of Paradigm Press, we like to pass on offers that may be of interest to you. Here is a message from Robert and our friends at Professional Education Institute.

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The Result? 7 Strategies You Can Use Today (Free Access)

A few weeks ago, Robert Kiyosaki gathered the Rich Dad team and said he had a special plan for this month’s Livestream event.

He was frustrated by all the contradicting and confusing messages in the media and those being shared by many so-called financial ‘experts’. Here we are in unprecedented financial times and yet no one is offering much in the way of help or financial education to equip people to succeed.

As a result, he asked that we make this exclusive training available to the entire Rich Dad Community immediately.

This Thursday join us for a powerful online event: 7 Profit Producing Strategies for Insiders.

During this event, you’ll hear Robert and the Rich Dad team share proven wealth-building strategies that anyone can use to improve their financial future.

This event is being made available 100% FREE for the Rich Dad Community.

Come ready to learn strategies that you can leverage immediately, including:

  • The best way to truly learn how to be a successful investor
  • Strategies ordinary people can use to win the wealth game
  • The secret to investing for cash flow – and pay less tax (or none)
  • How you can overcome fear and anxiety to achieve your goals
  • The way to acquire assets if you want to get rich
  • How to create a personal plan to get out of the Rat Race

Click here to claim your FREE access to this event. Then – please help us share this free training with the world. Simply forward this email to anyone who is ready to create cash flow in the current economy.

Thank you for your support – we look forward to seeing you on this week’s event,

Rich Dad

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