An opening sentence that works.

An opening sentence that works.

“It is easier to become rich with an extra paycheck. Simple math.”

Our prospects instantly decide that an extra paycheck is good. Everything gets easier from this point on.

Why objections happen.

A friend says to us, “I pre-paid for a nice dinner for you and your spouse tonight. And that includes drinks.”

What immediately happens in our minds? Objections and doubt. We start thinking:

  • What is the catch?
  • Why are you doing this?
  • What will you want from me in return?
  • Will I have to buy something from you if I take this offer?

Even if someone makes the best offer in the world (in this case, a totally free offer), we have objections and doubt. That is just how our minds work.

So when we talk to prospects, shouldn’t we expect objections and doubt?

Our prospects will have objections and doubts, even if they don’t verbalize them. If we don’t address them, they will naturally say, “I want to think it over.”

That is why one-way communication doesn’t work. One-way communication is where we do all the talking with no feedback from our prospects. Want some examples?

  • Watch this company video.
  • Go to the website and read about how wonderful we are.
  • Sit through this lecture/presentation.
  • Watch this webinar.

One-way communication fails because it can create unanswered doubts and objections.

Here are three solutions to handle both verbalized and hidden objections.

#1. Use two-way communication, actually talking to “live” prospects. Now prospects get a chance to ask questions, object, and verbalize their doubts. This could be via phone, video calls, and in person. In person is the best, but sometimes not practical.

#2. Ask more questions and listen more during our presentations. Make presentations more of a conversation.

#3. Use carefully constructed mini-stories for the most common verbalized and hidden objections.

If you need pre-made mini-stories, here is an entire book with great visual stories to overcome objections before they happen. And yes, the book is available on audio, too.

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