Avoiding negative people.

arget for the negativity.

Second, the negative person might feel like he or she is in the minority, and will therefore say less.

Third, we can excuse ourselves from the group conversation and slowly slip away.

An easy way to prospect.

Don’t have much time? Don’t get out much? Afraid of approaching strangers?

Bob Burg recommends this approach.

Simply send three “thank you” notes a day.

First, these notes can be a card, a letter, or even a postcard. Just thank someone for something. Maybe they gave good service, remembered our name, or took the time to help you.

Second, realize that everyone feels great when they get a “thank you” from someone. So if we make three people a day feel great, they will remember us fondly. This makes prospecting easier.

And third, this activity doesn’t take long. We could do it every morning before starting our day.

So let’s stand out from the crowd and make more people appreciate us. Send a “thank you” note today. This is a great way to guarantee fresh prospects three months from now.

And yes, this could be a great way to follow up with those prospects who didn’t join immediately.

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