“How Facebook ruined my business.”

August 25, 2020
“How Facebook ruined my business.”

I heard a speaker tell this story.

He said, “I was so excited about my company. Every time the company had an announcement, an event, a promotion, or a trip to win, I posted it on my Facebook page. Later, when I called my friends to prospect them, they all said that they already knew about my business from my Facebook page, and that they weren’t interested.”


Facebook can be awesome for our business … or it can ruin our business. Think carefully about what we post and what our long-term strategy will be with our Facebook friends.

An easy way to prospect.

I was talking to a distributor who sells a healthy snack. I asked her where she found her best prospects. She said:

“It’s easy. At work, I simply follow people when they go to the vending machine. Then I stand next to them, eat my healthy snack, and they always ask me how they can get some healthy snacks, too.”

She is selling lots of healthy snacks and making a great part-time income at work.

Meanwhile, another distributor is doing this:

1. Creating a healthy snack brochure.
2. Designing the copy for the webpage.
3. Hiring someone to create the webpages.
4. Writing an auto-responder series.
5. Testing a Google AdWords keyword group.
6. Creating an order page.
7. Spamming Facebook groups.
8. Etc., etc., etc.
Sometimes we forget that network marketing is a people-to-people business. 🙂

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