Rural Man Discovers Flaw in Stock Market

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Rural Man Discovers Flaw in Stock Market

Dear Reader,

It’s a rural town so small it has no cellphone reception or stoplight…

…yet this tiny town has a big secret.

For 20 years, CEOs, financial leaders, and billionaires have been directing millions of dollars to a single resident of this town…

…a man named Eric Fry.

His secret? A “flaw” in the stock market he discovered back in the 1980s… a flaw that led him to realize the stock market is far less random than you think…

On SEPTEMBER 1 at 4 p.m. Eastern Time, we’re going to learn just what that flaw is… and how it recently led Eric to what he believes could be the biggest trade of the post-coronavirus world.

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Brian Hunt

Brian Hunt
CEO, InvestorPlace

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