“Your brain has an ‘ON’ switch,” grunted my worthless sponsor. “Use it!”

September 21, 2020
“Your brain has an ‘ON’ switch,” grunted my worthless sponsor. “Use it!”

Okay, maybe he was right this one time.

I was playing the victim.

I tried to put some of the responsibility for my success unfairly on my worthless sponsor. He was having none of that. His method of response needed a bit more empathy, but no one can draw empathy from an empty well.

What possessed me to play the victim?

I forgot that our business is our responsibility, not our sponsors’. Our sponsors gave us an opportunity. The rest is up to us.

If our sponsors help us, awesome. Take advantage of it. If not, let’s not bemoan our lack of success with victim language such as, “My sponsor doesn’t help me.”

What did I ask my worthless sponsor?

I wanted to know how to meet new prospects, but insisted it had to be easy. And, rightly so, my worthless sponsor told me to stop being lazy and figure it out like an adult.

This prompted me to learn from books, audios, live company events, and my own experiences. And what happened?

If my sponsor had told me 20 different ways to meet new prospects, well, I would have made a list. But because I experienced the learning myself, I didn’t make a list. I actually felt like I could take action myself. I gained valuable experience, and I got back into action.

Looking back on this, I think, “Yeah, my worthless sponsor was a jerk.”

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What did I learn by reading, listening, and trial-and-error?

Me: “Can I get an appointment?”
Improved Me: “Would it be okay if we met on Monday morning?”

Me: “What is your name?”
Improved Me: “My name is Big Al. What is your name?”

Me: “Do you want to join?”
Improved Me: “Which option works best for you?”

Me: “Let me show you.”
Improved Me: “What would you like to know first?”

Improved Me was successful in 60 days.

“Readers are leaders.”

I hired Charlie “Tremendous” Jones to speak to my groups many times. He loved books. Gave away tens of thousands of books. He spoke about how books changed people’s lives. And above all, he was a genuinely nice man.

His message was three words long. Easy to remember. Easy to implement.

“Readers are leaders.”

And then I watched and saw who put his advice to work … and who ignored it.

In the back of my mind, I was thinking, “Hey, if this team member can’t even put a three-word message into action, now is not the time for him or her to become a leader. If a three-word message is already an obstacle, oh my. There will be many more challenges in the future.”

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Read a book.

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