Splash Pages

The average credit safelist user is only visiting your website so they can earn
enough credits to send out their own emails. They will only be on your site
just long enough for the counter to reach zero. If you can’t capture their
attention in the first few seconds they aren’t going to stick around long
enough to explore the rest of your site.
One of the reasons people fail with safelist marketing is because they are
promoting the same generic affiliate pages as everybody else. After awhile
these pages become almost invisible and are the reason why it sometimes
feels like nobody is looking at your site.
If you want to stand out you need to do something that is going to set you
apart from your competition. You need a splash page!
A splash page is a very simple webpage designed to catch people’s attention.
It usually consists of a picture, a few lines of text, and a big “CLICK HERE”
link that leads to your main site. The idea is to catch their attention with the
picture, get them curious about your site with the text, and then get them to
click your link to get more information from your main site.
Your splash page doesn’t have to be fancy. It just needs to be interesting
enough to catch the eye of your visitor and have a compelling enough reason
for them to click your link to get more information.

Once again, not my greatest work but you get the idea.
Making your own splash page is a lot like creating an html email except you
are going to need your own html editor to do it. Dreamweaver or Microsoft
Frontpage are both excellent html editors. There are also free html editors
such as KompoZer which will give you all the tools you need to make your
own splash page.
The only downside to making your own splash pages is that you will need
your own web hosting to put them on the Internet so other people can see
them. Webhosting is not nearly as expensive as it sounds. Most hosting
packages start at less than $10 a month. I personally recommend ZootHost
but there are many others to choose from.
The easiest solution for creating and hosting your own splash pages is to join
AdKreator. AdKreator was created specifically to give safelist and traffic
exchange users a simple way to create professional looking splash pages with
very little effort. They will even host the pages for you. As of right now you
can create one splash page for free but after that you will need to upgrade to a
paid membership. It is well worth the cost.

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