Securing Your Own Web Host

Securing your own web host is a very important part of getting your online
business going. Without a web host you won’t be able to create the website
you need to conduct your business. What is a web host? Well, there is another
term for it. It’s also called an Internet service provider, or ISP. Yeah, different
name, same place you use for your home Internet already. But, be ready for
some differences. This is not about personal Internet. This is business.
The first thing you need to do is consider your business model and your plans
for what it will eventually become. You need to find a web host who is
reputable if you plan to have a smoothly run operation. It is very important
that you check around to see what others may be saying about the particular
web host you’re considering. The last thing you want to do is spend half of your
workday fighting with an unreliable web host. Be sure to check on things like
billing, customer support, and any other factors that would indicate to you that
this is either a good or a bad place to be.
Once you’ve determined who you’ll use for web hosting, it’s time to give them
a call and set up a plan. At this point a few things are important to note. First,
you need to know what your budget is. When the representative starts listing
off plans, they may sound great, but they could also be out of your price range.
Don’t worry, there are affordable plans that will meet your needs in most
In order to help the representative a little better, a second factor you should
know is what the needs of your online business will be. Among the key
components of web hosting need are traffic to the site, the number of e-mail
addresses you will need, cgi-bin (for advanced site design), and space. If you
are unsure about any of these elements, the web hosting representative will be
able to help you through.
Once you’ve worked out the details of your need, and of the price of the plan,
you’re pretty much done. The only remaining points to consider and discuss
with your representative are additional fees and the web host’s location. If the
host is not local, find out if you will need PPP access. One particular fee to be
aware of is monthly data transfer bandwidth. Know how much you need, and
know what the consequential fees are for exceeding that limit. If everything
checks out, sign up and you’re done.
Congratulations, you’ve just secured your own web host!

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