Selecting Your Niche

“Find a Niche and Fill It!”
Niche Marketing in a Nutshell
Niche marketing is an interesting component of the Internet Marketing world.
The word niche has many meanings, but in this sense we are talking about a
very specialized market. Retailers offer a prime example of just what this
means. A large department store offers literally thousands of products for sale
in the same building. A mom and pop store will offer a much smaller number of
products, but chances are that these products are of a special brand or are
unique in some other way. That’s exactly how niche marketing works, even
To begin with, niche marketing is an excellent choice for the Internet startup
that doesn’t have the capability to compete with a major business. Cash
requirements and workload are just two of the many limiting factors to starting
such a major operation. However, niche marketing offers dramatically lower
costs and a much lighter workload. This will be a great advantage to anyone
starting an Internet business.
The way it works is pretty simple. You do the research on your product, and you
find out who’s demanding that product. Once you know who you’re looking for,
you figure out where they tend to gather in the online community. Online sites
where you can always find people gathered by their interests are places such as
forums, mailing lists, and newsgroups, all of which offer the visitor a chance to
post and participate. Finding the customers you want for your business is as
simple as doing a search for the type of place you would go to online. You join
in the discussions and ease in a note about your products and where they can
be found at the end of your posts.
If you choose, paying for advertising space on some highly-focused website can
work too. Just be sure to do your homework before you go placing ads. Make
sure you are putting your ad on a site appropriate for your business, and that
the ad is highly visible. Make sure also that you are using sites with a good
reputation and plenty of traffic.
The reason niche markets are so great is because you are not spending all of
your time trying to tell millions of people about your thousands of products.
You are instead telling a very specific group of people who are likely to be
interested in your handful of products. You spend less time on marketing, and
less time on merchandising and inventory. Instead, you maximize your profits
of a much smaller inventory with people who are much more likely to buy. It’s
truly a win-win situation for the small Internet business.

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