Physical Products

Shampoo: Example of a physical product. You can touch, feel and smell.
Physical products account for a massive share of the business volume that is
conducted online everyday. Whether the items are being sold retail or
wholesale, physical products are in high demand and everyone is always out
there looking for a better deal. There are so many ways these products can be
sold, and, coupled with the number of products available, you can come up
with a business plan unlike anyone else’s for marketing your physical products
If you really want to get a good idea of just what it means to have an unlimited
variety of products to choose from for online sale, here’s what you need to do.
If you live in a large city, great. If not, get to one. Once there, look in the
business pages of the phone book for any and all sort of retailer, or other type
of business where you know physical products will be sold. Then, starting with
the first one, go to each and every one of these businesses and look at the
variety of items they offer for sale. You may be saying to yourself that there are
going to be similar products in many of the stores. Yes, that is true. However,
name brands will differ and that does mean a different product. In case you
haven’t realized, this little store-browsing adventure will probably take you a
good week to complete.
There are some things to know before you get into selling physical products
online. First, you’re going to have to know everything you can about the
products you are going to sell. Then, you’re going to need to find a place to put
them. Unless you are going to be a drop-shipper, where you take the orders but
a third party handles the inventory, you’re probably going to need a warehouse
or some other storage means. This will depend on the type of product you
intend to sell, and also on how much inventory you are planning to keep on
Another consideration to make when marketing physical products online is
shipping. How much more costly will that item be when shipping costs are
added? Sometimes this makes physical products more expensive online than at
a store. Also, just how do the products need to be packed for shipping? Will
they need a special shape of packaging, or will a regular box work? Will you
need to keep the item refrigerated, and are there any other temperature
considerations? Some items are sensitive to certain temperatures, and this will
be important for your shipping needs.
Physical products are great items to sell on the Internet. You have the
opportunity to market as specifically or as broadly as you want. Just keep in
mind that some items will not do very well online, and some may even be
prohibited from online sale. But for the majority of physical products, there is
an opportunity for a successful business waiting for you online.

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