A Short List of Words that Sell

When you are copywriting, it is not enough that you have used proper
grammar and an effective tone in your work. It is also not enough that you
have made your work interesting, nor that you have fully described the product
in detail and made the customer aware of all the benefits it offers. Yes, these
and other factors are of great importance, but there is one more thing that will
be the life of your work. This one factor is so important that, without using this,
your work may never have any chance of getting to the multitude of customers
you are trying to reach, and if it does, you may never motivate many of them to
buy what you have to sell.
What you need is words that sell. Following are some of the words that sell,
and why they do it.
Words such as powerful, durable, unbeatable, unstoppable, and incredible,
are power words. These words establish the strength and the value of the
subject. They are helpful in establishing a trust in the product.
Words like hurry and urgent, and phrases like don’t wait, won’t last, and act
now, are all time-based and encourage the reader to move quickly. After all,
the more time you spend on a decision, the more likely you are to change your
mind and decide against what you were planning to do. A sense of urgency
overcomes this obstacle to the sale.
Words that evoke thought, such as the words secret, interesting, and
provocative are bait to catch your customer up and get him or her to read
There are also good words that make people see dollar signs. Words such as
cheap, lowest price, most affordable, discount, profitable, lucrative, and
earnings make people think about that almighty dollar. And what better bait to
make the sale exists than the bait that makes people think about money?
This is by no means an all inclusive list of words that sell. There are literally
hundreds of power words that can catch the attention of a customer and lure
them in for the sales pitch. These words, placed effectively throughout your
article or other copy will give you just the edge you’re looking for. Not only will
they convince more readers of the need for your product, they are also the
kind of words that get you to the top of the search engine rankings where you
must be if you expect to be found in the first place.
Remember, if the customer can’t find you in a short time, you don’t stand a
chance of being noticed. You have to be at the top of the list with the words
that sell, or the rest of the words you wrote won’t matter at all.

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