Copywriting: Planning Your Message

Copywriting: Planning Your Message
Copywriting is a very important component of your online business, no matter
what kind of business you have. This cannot be said enough. As I mentioned
before, copywriting is your first impression to the customer, and it can be a
make or break proposition. With that in mind, there are some things that need
to be discussed about preparing before you begin your copywriting work.
The very first thing you must do if you plan to write an effective article about
your company and it’s products is get to know the products as completely as
you possibly can. This means getting to know all of its advantages,
disadvantages, who in the market is going to need or want this product, what
they intend to use the product for, etc. It may seem silly to you at first, but you
really will be surprised when you get to know all the things about a product
that you can’t tell just by looking at it.
Once you have enough information on the product, and on the business too,
you’re next step will be getting to know the consumer better. What are the
demographics in this market? What makes these customers want or need this
product? How can you approach them and make that key first impression the
best it can be? These are all things you must be able to find out before you
start communicating your message. The customers will have their own ideas
and values, and it is up to you as the copywriter to hit the right chords with
them to make them want to buy from your company. The alternative is that
they go to the competition.
After you feel that you have gathered all the information you can from both the
supply and the demand side of the market, it’s time to put all the information
together and plan your approach. This will take putting things in logical order
so that you can paint yourself a clear picture of how the article should start and
finish. A lot of what you do at this point with organization will depend on the
unique circumstances of the product and the consumer.
Once you’ve finished the planning, you’re ready to write. Now comes the
interesting part. You will need to have a title that not only catches the reader’s
attention, but that also can achieve a high search engine ranking. You will need
to put together an introduction for the article that will establish interest and
make the reader want to keep going. You will then need to write an effective
and informative body and conclusion that will give the consumer all the
reasons he or she needs to justify the purchase. Finally you will need to publish
the copy so customers will get the message

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