Search Engine Optimization

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What is Search Engine Optimization (SEO)?
Have you ever been in a crowd of people all waiting for some famous moviestar or musician to arrive at an event? What did you notice about the behavior
of the fans? Or how about the many times you’ve seen a crowd of reporters
circling around some newsworthy figure? What did you notice?
Chances are that in either of those scenarios you saw a massive crowd of
people all fighting to get to the front where they could be seen and heard.
There is a lot of pushing and shoving and yelling and all of that. It’s chaos, and
many people would just as soon avoid such a situation. It’s all about
competition. The few who get to the front of the crowd are the only ones who
stand a chance to have their voices heard. It is these few who will have the
opportunity to reap the rewards of their effort.
So now you’re asking yourself: “Just what does all this have to do with Search
Engine Optimization (SEO)?” And the answer is a simple one: competition.
That’s what it’s all about. Competition in any field is the struggle not only for
survival but also for dominance. Very few people want to ‘just get by’. Most are
willing to do what it takes not only to succeed, but to be the best at what they
do. It’s this very idea that brought about the concept of SEO in the first place.
Search Engine Optimization is really a technical science more than anything. It
is the process of collecting information on your market and your competitors in
an effort to fine tune your site’s headlines and content so that you achieve
more hits on every search a web-surfer conducts. Each time they search, they
will use keywords that help them find what they are looking for. It is up to you
to make sure that your site has the best, and the most, of these popular search
terms. With them, you jump to the front of the line and get the results.
Without these words, you fall into the background and are never noticed.
The way it works, basically, is by search engines tapping all the sites with the
most accurate and abundant search terms relevant to a search. When you use
the right terms to describe the content of your site, you achieve a higher
ranking with that search engine. The search engines update these rankings
weekly, giving you many opportunities to score a higher rank. The trouble is,
whereas you have a chance to move up, so does your competition. And the
competition will always be looking for a way to beat you. So be sure to keep on
top of the game. Modify your site as needed so you can keep your rankings
higher and stay ahead of the competition.

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