Search Engine Optimization

Without a doubt, one of the most effective ways in which you, as a website
owner, can set up a potential list of clients is to build an email list of those who
SEO Introduced
By being able to better interact on a more “one on one” platform, you can
quickly convert those who would otherwise simply browse around on your
website and then leave into potential sales and money in your pocket.
The profit potential does not stop there though, as with a well constructed
email list filled with people from all walks of life, you can even entice your
subscribers to visiting your website more often than they normally would –
setting you up to enhance your site’s moneymaking ability even more through
various advertisements.
So as you can see, the email list is one of the most important tools in any
webmaster’s repertoire and if you want your online business, no matter what
it is, to be as successful as possible then you will need to spend a lot of time
perfecting that email list.
Now, you are probably thinking that sure, an email list is great, but let’s not get
ahead of ourselves – there are many more steps to be done before we can
actually start directly marketing to people on an email list.
SEO – Step-by-Step
First, we actually have to get the visitors to our website before we can even
dream of adding them to our mailing lists. A few years back with the rise of
popular search engines like Yahoo and Google, a group of cunning marketers,
probably not unlike yourself, decided that the best way to get random people
and potential customers to visit their websites was to take advantage of search
engine technology.
They figured that if you could code a website and write content for it that
designed with the sole purpose of moving that page’s status in any given
search engine to the top, then they would be able to receive far more visitors
than anyone ever thought possible.
In today’s web design world, the theory of search engine optimization, or SEO
as it is often referred to, is an extremely popular topic among web designers
and online business owners from all walks of life – no matter what they are
selling or if they are even selling anything at all.
With so many competing websites in your chosen field or niche the only hope
that you may have to rise above the seventeenth page of Google is to make
sure that your website is as optimized for search engines as it can possibly be.
Because SEO is so popular these days there are hundreds of different websites
out there that claim they have the answers to make sure that your page is
among the top ten on all of the big three search engines: Yahoo, MSN and

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