Why do people do this to us?

Why do people do this to us?

We show prospects our products, services, and opportunity. And what do they do?

Resist. Poke holes in our offering. Look for reasons to turn us down.

Sound normal? Well, it is normal.

Humans want freedom of choice. When we push our offerings on them, they feel like we are taking away their freedom. This prompts them to resist us.

An easier way to disarm this automatic response is to offer options. When prospects feel that they have control of their options, they open their minds and look for ways that our options can work for them.

We want our prospects looking for reasons why, and not looking for reasons why not.

An easy way to communicate these options?

“So what is going to be easier for you?

“Taking advantage of my offering, or keeping your life the same?”

This takes the pressure off our prospects. They won’t feel like we are taking their freedom away.

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Introducing our stories.

“Once upon a time” is a great story opening … for children’s fairy tales, but not for our business. So what can we say to signal to our prospects that we are about to tell a story?

“When I was young …”
“Let me tell you what happened to …”
“On my way to see you today, I …”
“When you use our products, here is what happens.”

We might be just one book away from changing our lives.

What could be more important than rapport?

Influence, of course.

When we have influence, prospects want to align themselves with us. That is why influential people can sponsor large groups immediately.

But what if we are not influential? No problem. We can learn how to become influential.

Here is the step-by-step book on creating influence for our network marketing business.

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The next person we meet could change our lives forever. Have fun meeting new people this weekend.

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