How to sponsor successful people.

How to sponsor successful people.

Here is a good guideline.

  1. Successful people will always have time to listen to a good idea.
  2. Successful people never have time for a video or a PowerPoint presentation.

When I started network marketing, I was all about the details. I wanted to lay out all the facts prospects needed to make a decision. I was completely wrong.

Successful people are busy. They quickly grasp ideas.

Unsuccessful people will sit through time-wasting presentations and company videos.

Here are some phrases to avoid:

  • This is a link to my video.
  • Here is something for you to check out.
  • When can I give you a presentation?
  • I just need 10 minutes of your time.

Successful people value their time. Hopefully we can get to the point in one or two sentences.

“It is too expensive!”

The real question is, “Too expensive compared to what?”

Here is one way of looking at the cost of joining our business.

Prospect: “It is too expensive to join your business.”
Us: “Yes, it costs $500 to join. But, how much money will you lose if you don’t join? If your plan with our business is to earn $250 a month, then you would lose $3000 in extra income in the next 12 months. That is really expensive.”

Many times prospects think, “How much will it cost me to join?”

We can point out the inverse to our prospects: “How much money will it cost you not to join?”

This puts the value of our opportunity into perspective.

Got 15 minutes a day?

That is enough to start our network marketing business. Now any prospects can fit network marketing into their schedules.

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Look for reasons “for” or reasons “against.”

It is easy to figure out someone’s mindset.

The hard part is changing the mindset.

The next MasterClass is all about mindsets.

Is now the time to master the mindset challenge in our group?


Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Keith & Tom “Big Al” Schreiter


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