Is mindset a skill?

Is mindset a skill?

Sponsor: “Is mindset a skill?”
Distributor: “Uh … I guess so.”
Sponsor: “So what is your mindset?”
Distributor: “Uh … uh … mindful?”
Sponsor: [Slaps forehead.] “No, no, no. Are you controlling your mindset?”
Distributor: “It can be controlled?”
Sponsor: “Mindset is a skill. Have you learned the skill yet?”
Distributor: “No. Not really. I think I will go with the default setting. Then, hope for the best.”
Sponsor: [Slaps forehead.] “If you don’t take control of your mindset, other people will do that for you. Is that what you want?”
Distributor: “Don’t bother me with deep thoughts. I am not responsible for anything. I am a professional victim. Oh, look! Netflix has a new series!”
Sponsor: [Slaps forehead. Forehead getting bright red.] “You told me you wanted a part-time income to pay off your credit cards. You can’t do that with a negative mindset.”
Distributor: “Uh … oh … I missed that. I must have got distracted.”
Sponsor: “Please tell me you at least reviewed the 7 mindsets.”
Distributor: “I think I will sit and wait for the Law of Attraction to work. That can work in the background while I play video games.”
Sponsor: “You have a choice. Learn to control your 7 mindsets, or keep your life the same.”
Distributor: “Easy for you to say. You are just lucky. I am not lucky.”

Do we ever wonder why distributors fail?

When they refuse to take the first step, they doom themselves.

The next MasterClass is all about the Mindset Skill, but here is something we can do right now.

Let’s put a part of Mindset #7 to use right now. This will help defeat our procrastination programs.

“We cannot change our past. The future hasn’t happened. We can change our future by changing what we’re doing right now.”

So let’s do something right now that will change our future.


  • Make one phone call to a prospect who could be a potential leader.
  • Follow up with a prospect and ask for a recommendation.
  • Read a chapter of a book on sales and learn how we can get our message across more effectively.
  • Call a satisfied customer and ask how we can further help them.
  • Say “hi” to one more person today.
  • Take the time to make a reply more personal.
  • Smile at three more people today.
  • Make a personal commitment to become a leader.

And as sponsors and leaders, what are we going to do?

#1. Continue to let our groups be inactive and slowly wither away. Maybe hope they talk to more people or make more sales.

#2. Take control of our future and learn the hard-core mindset skills.

Yes, mindsets apply to us also. It is too easy for us to tell others to do what we will not do ourselves.

Need more great first sentences?

  • “If you had Saturdays off, what would you do?”
  • “How long has it been since you attended one of your son’s baseball games?”
  • “Do you remember what it was like when you and your wife had time to go out to dinner and a movie?”
  • “Is your vacation time a quality experience with the family, or just catching up on everything you have put off during the year?”

What a great way to start a conversation. Just one simple sentence, and prospects convince themselves that they are looking for a solution.

Do prospects care about their pasts?

Not as much as they care about the present and the future.

We tell them about the history of our company, the awards won, the growth, the founders … oh wait!

  • Prospects don’t care about us.
  • Prospects don’t care about what we offer.
  • Prospects don’t care about the history of our companies.

So what should we talk about?

Our prospects. They care about themselves.

Hide those PowerPoint slides and company videos. Save them for later training.

Did we do something today to make ourselves better?

That is the quickest way to change our lives.

Enjoy the week!

Keith & Tom “Big Al” Schreiter


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