The Swedish drive-by presentation.

The Swedish drive-by presentation.

One of my Swedish team members, Lars, was a green personality. He started slowly. Lars said,

“My wife and I attended the training, and knew we had to start contacting people. This was intimidating, because we normally keep to ourselves. We did know one small business in town, and thought the owner might be interested.

“We put together an information packet, parked on the street in front of the business, and refused to get out of our car. Neither of us had the courage to go inside and approach the owner, and give the owner our information packet. After one hour, my wife told me that I would have to be the man of the house, and take the packet inside.

“I opened the car door, ran inside, tossed the packet on the front counter and ran back to the car. We sped off into the evening. Our heart palpitations finally slowed down three hours later.”

After the story, we both laughed.

But … I was thinking to myself, “That was so brave. I never would have gotten out of the car!”

It is easy for sponsors to tell their teams, “Just approach people.” It is much harder for us to actually approach scary prospects.

What can we do? Here are two approaches. You pick the approach that you think is appropriate for you and your team.

#1. Lie to ourselves and to our team members and say, “Face the fear, and the fear will magically go away.”

#2. Change our mindset. Redesign our mindsets so that approaching people becomes a pleasant experience.

If we chose #2, what should our mindset be? Here is the short answer.

Instead of “going out prospecting,” let’s “look for people we can help” and give them another option for their lives.

When we approach people with the intention of helping them, we won’t have “salesman breath.” This will guarantee a more positive and friendly reaction from our prospects.

Want to give people another option now?

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The story is all about them.

If we tell a story about us, or someone else, our prospects automatically imagine themselves as the lead characters in their minds. Awesome, eh?

This is why we love movies. We can feel like one of the characters.

We should try to add more and more stories to our presentation. They are the best way to communicate and teach our message.

Mind-reading tricks.

When we read our prospects’ minds, they are impressed. This is a good start to our conversation. Here is an example for a phone call.

Us: “Hi, is this John?”
John: “Yes.”
Us: “I know you are busy and in the middle of something. I just wanted to know when would be a better time to call back.”

John thinks, “You read my mind! You are a genius. I am impressed with your psychic powers and your politeness.”

Fake psychics do this for a living. It makes customers feel great.

But really, how hard is it to read someone’s mind? Not hard. All we have to do is stop thinking about ourselves for a few seconds, and have a bit of empathy for others.

What could be more important than rapport?

Okay, not required, but highly-suggested. 😊

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Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

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