It takes more than a pair of Nike shoes …

It takes more than a pair of Nike shoes …

“Just do it!”

Sounds good, but we have to know what to do.

Being motivated in the wrong direction doesn’t get us very far in our business.

My first two years in network marketing were a disaster. I was motivated, had a great attitude, believed, had my “why,” set goals, and … I failed miserably.

We can’t become an airline pilot by reading Facebook posts and having a cheery attitude.

Becoming a doctor takes more than a vision board.

At some point, sooner rather than later, we have to learn how to do our job.

Where is a good place to start?

How about starting with a great first sentence that gets prospects to open their minds? Then, at least we have a chance.

Then we can grow our skills from that humble beginning.

Yes, we need motivation. But … we need more than motivation to get the job done.

Here is a humbling test we can give our team. Ask them, “Please write down, word-for-word, your best first sentence.”

When we see they can’t or won’t do it, we understand what is missing in our business.

Is changing our team members’ mindsets within our “Zone of Genius?”

How about changing our personal mindsets? Can we do that easily, step-by-step?

If not, join us immediately. The bonus class replay is available now. (Or, we can ignore this MasterClass, and live with our current mindsets.)


Getting decisions.

Q. What is the default setting for most decisions?
A. Don’t change. Keep everything the same.

Once we know that our prospects fear change, we rethink our presentations.

First, we try to minimize the change to our prospects.
Second, we compare our new offer to something they already know.
Third, we make our change so attractive, prospects will want to change.

Do we do this when talking to prospects?


In the future, we will consider this “change dilemma” before talking to our prospects.

With less change comes less fear, both for us, and our prospects.

Anti-persuasion skills.

My worthless sponsor could get prospects to “dig in their heels” and resist in seconds. That’s not a good skill to master.

My worthless sponsor would open a conversation with phrases such as:

  • “Would you be interested in hearing about my company?”
  • “Are you tired of not succeeding?”
  • “Let me tell you about my opportunity.”
  • “When do you have 15 minutes to chat?”

And guess what? Prospects would resist the conversation and look for someplace to escape.

A good first sentences is the best starting point for learning the skills.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Keith & Tom “Big Al” Schreiter


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