Controlling our prospects’ minds.

Controlling our prospects’ minds.

Prospects prejudge us harshly, but only if we let them.

Instead, we can get our prospects to think about something else. We will get our prospects to think we are “mind-readers.”

How? I borrowed these four phrases from our book, Create Influence. They are so easy to use for our opening words.

#1. “You are probably thinking …” Next, all we have to do is mention the obvious. We could say, “You are probably thinking, ‘How long is this meeting going to last?'” The prospects will think, “Yeah. That is exactly what we are thinking. You understand us. We think the same. Let me listen to what you are going to say next.”

#2. Or we could start by saying, “If you are like most homeowners, you wonder, ‘How will we get the money to fix these problems?'” And now their minds are busy thinking about the budget, and not busy judging us.

#3. Or we can start by saying, “Most people here tonight made a decision to take action instead of staying at home and watching television.” Now our previously hostile and skeptical audience is thinking, “Yes, that’s me. I chose to come here tonight.”

#4. Or we can start by saying, “As many of us know, the school budget isn’t enough for the influx of new students.” And our audience begins to nod in agreement.

How to talk to small business owners.

Most small business owners are married to their businesses. Their whole lives are tied up in their businesses. And as cold-call salespeople, we are a distraction.

So first, build rapport.

Second, listen. And listen a bit more.

The purpose of business is to solve people’s problems. So instead of jumping in and pushing your solution, try listening for a problem that the business owner might have. Then, offer your solution if it fits.

And then be creative. Maybe your vitamins could help the business owner work longer hours, or your utility savings would give the business owner more money for advertising his or her business. There are lots of possibilities.

But jumping in and pushing a solution, even with a great opening sentence, is hard. Try listening first, and maybe the solution will be obvious.

What are you reading this weekend?

Here is a suggestion.

We can use the phrases in this book for the rest of our lives.

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