How to sponsor during the holidays – and keep our friends and relatives. :)

How to sponsor during the holidays – and keep our friends and relatives. 🙂

It is Christmas dinner. The conversation is positive. The family is in a good mood.

What a great time for a presentation about … our business!

We set up a flipchart at the end of the table and say:

“Now that you are all here, let me tell you about my business opportunity. And after this flipchart presentation, I have a company video for you to watch!”



There must be an easier way to help our friends and relatives want our opportunity, right?

Why not say something like:

  • “This year was okay, but I want next year to be better.”
  • “This year was boring. I want to make next year more interesting.”
  • “I need a change. I am tired of getting up early every day for a boring job.”

What happens?

Many will be thinking, “Hey, I feel that way too!”

And now we have open-minded people to continue the conversation with during our holidays. It is a lot easier when we talk with people who are self-motivated, looking for a change in their lives.

Getting fired isn’t so bad.

When looking for prospects, think about people who got fired from their jobs. Maybe they like to wake up late, hate commuting, have their own ideas about how to do things, and just want to be their own bosses.

They sound like great prospects to me.

What Smart Sponsors Do.

Feedback? We’ve gotten many comments, such as:

  • “So that is why my team disappeared.”
  • “This will solve their fear of talking to prospects.”
  • “Now I know the three questions I must ask them first.”

If we want to be network marketing professionals, we have to learn exactly how to be awesome sponsors.

Available in ebook and paperback.
The Networker Zone podcast episode on “Ice Breakers” is now available!

If someone asks about your product/service/opportunity, what do you say?

Is your response easy to understand? Does it create instant prospects?

We’ll discuss:

  • Specific ice breakers for your product, service or opportunity.
  • How to make prospects lean forward and ask for more information.
  • Using benefits vs features (what’s in it for them).
  • 3 easy-to-use formulas to create ice breakers for any occasion.
  • Plus an optional close for introverts.

Enjoy the upcoming weekend!

Keith & Tom “Big Al” Schreiter


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