Break Through Your Personal Barriers and Live Your Best Life!

Break Through Your Personal Barriers and Live Your Best Life!

Sometimes we can be our own worst enemies, barriers inside ourselves that we’ve constructed may be holding us back from following our dreams and achieving our goals. You may often find yourself backing away from things you would like to do, and reasoning that you could do it, ‘if only you were more outgoing, or more adventurous, less anxious…’ the list goes on. All of these thoughts stand between you and your dreams, and often in reality, don’t exist anywhere else than inside you, so it’s time to break down those barriers and to start living your best life.

Think About It

Spend some time thinking about how you feel, and think about what you would like to do with your life if nothing was holding you back. Now think about why you believe you can’t achieve those things, and examine why. The chances are that these negative beliefs about yourself are either seriously inaccurate or majorly outdated.

Allow yourself the chance to dream and to plan how to make your dreams a reality, grab a journal and write down what you would like to achieve, before you know it there will be no stopping you!

Challenge your Thoughts

Remind yourself that just because you think about yourself in a particular way doesn’t make it a reality. A negative thought about yourself is not the same as a fact.

A simple way to kick unhelpful thoughts about yourself into shape is by asking yourself, ‘would I speak to a friend in the same way that I speak to myself?’ If the answer is a definite no, you can be pretty sure that your inner voice is overly hard on yourself, which could be holding you back from reaching your full potential.

Ask for Help

There’s never any shame in asking for help if you feel you need to talk through your worries to work through unhelpful thoughts. If you had a toothache you would visit a dentist; if you had an accident you might speak to a personal injury attorney, talking things through with a counselor or therapist is no different to seeking professional help just as you would in any other area of your life.

Of course, you may not feel it is necessary to speak with a counselor, and that simply chatting to a trusted friend or relative and getting another perspective may be all that you need.

Start Small

Doing things that you never thought possible is a fantastic way to boost your self-confidence, whether it’s applying for that job that you told yourself you weren’t able to do, or putting yourself first and prioritizing your self-care, you’re sure to feel great after you’ve tried something new.

There’s no need to put yourself under unnecessary pressure to push yourself too hard to begin with, as that could be counter-productive. Think about some small steps that you could take to boost your confidence and you will have a firm foundation to build on to achieve your bigger goals.


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