5 Easy Instruments To Learn While Quarantined

Looking for an instrument that’s easy to pick up? Whilst you can always stick to the triangle, there are several more exciting options out there that can be fairly simple to learn. Here are just five examples of such instruments.


The piano is renowned for being ‘easy to learn, but hard to master’ – unlike the guitar, which is said to be the opposite. Buying an upright piano can be expensive, but fortunately there are now many affordable electric pianos and keyboards that can be just as effective for learning the basics (just make sure they have features such as polyphony and touch sensing). There are so many free resources out there on how to learn the piano from YouTube videos to blogs. As one of the most versatile instruments, you’ll also find that you can play any style on it.


Ukeleles are like undersized guitars, however they’re much easier to learn than their six-stringed cousins. With only four strings, you can more easily pick up chords on the ukulele. These instruments are also very cheap to buy compared to guitars – you can sometimes pick them up on market sralls for less than ten bucks. There are sites online where you can learn easy ukulele songs https://www.musicianauthority.com/ukulele/easy-ukulele-songs/. Youtube also has plenty of tutorials.


Banjos are often associated with country and western. Whilst some elements of the banjo such as alternate picking can be a little challenging to pick up, it has many elements that make it easier. The banjo is tuned in a way that makes chords very easy and the strings are softer so you’ll be less likely to hurt your fingers. There are many online tutorials that you can use to learn this instrument. He hardest part of choosing to learn the banjo may be saving up to buy one – a good banjo isn’t cheap, but it could still be more affordable than a guitar.


Harmonicas are also fun and easy to learn. Used predominantly in blues music, many harmonicas are already in key, so you can practically breath the notes in any order and still create something tuneful. There are challenging songs and techniques for those that want them, but for the most part learning harmonica is easy. Harmonicas are also cheap to buy and small enough that you can put them in your pocket and practice them wherever you go.


If you love tapping your hands wherever you go, a pair of bongos could be the perfect instrument to learn. The bongos require a lot less coordination than a full drum kit and they’re a lot cheaper to buy too. Once you’ve mastered the bongos, you can then easily branch out into other forms of percussion.



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