This is How You Break Bad Habits

This is How You Break Bad Habits

Certain habits that we pick up can have end up having unhealthy or unattractive side effects. A few prime examples include smoking, picking your nose, swearing or eating too much junk food. Bad habits are often hard to break. We may not know that we’re doing them or we may rely on them as a stress reliever. To help you overcome your bad habit, here are just a few strategies that you can try.

Create physical barriers

You can force yourself to give up many bad habits by creating strict physical barriers. If you constantly bite your nails while watching TV, consider wearing gloves so you physically cannot bite your nails. If you have a terrible habit of impulse buying things on your card when shopping, leave you card at home and start bringing only as much cash as you need. If you spend too much time on the internet at home, consider getting someone in your home to set a wi-fi password for a couple hours each day so that you’re forced to do something else.

Replace the bad with the good

Giving up a bad habit can sometimes leave a sense of emptiness that can be frustrating. By filling this void with a good habit, you may be able to give up your bad habit without feeling as if you’re giving anything up. If you have a bad habit for drinking sugary soft drinks, consider switching to low-sugar and no-sugar options. Meanwhile vaping could be a good replacement for smoking.

Join support groups

You may be able to find support groups for certain bad habits like smoking, drinking and over eating. By meeting other people in the same boat as you, it’s possible that you may be able to motivate yourself to give up your bad habit more easily – you’ll have people to spur you on and share tips with. Some people may prefer the intimacy of an in-person support group, while others may prefer the anonymity of an online forum or social media group.

Try hypnosis

It could be worth visiting a hypnosis clinic to help you break your bad habit. A trained hypnotherapist will be able to help you create negative associations with your bad habit and positive associations with other behaviours. Smoking and overeating a couple common bad habits that people seek hypnosis for.

Record your progress

You can also motivate yourself to break your bad habits by recording your progress. You can set yourself goals such as one week or one month and tick off the days on a calendar until you get there. There are also apps that can help you record your progress. You may even want to record it as a personal blog.

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