How to Keep Pests Away After Home Flood Damage

Floods can be quite a disastrous event. Not only do you have to deal with potential home damages, but you’ll likely deal with insect and other pest infestations. Similar to when bugs come in the house when it rains or gets cold, flooding can push pests out of their natural habitats and into your home. This article will share how to keep flood water out of your house and how to keep the pests away after flood damage.

Why do people encounter pest problems after floods? Bugs, rodents, and other pests are forced to seek new shelter when their habitats are washed away. Often times, they take shelter in dry homes or businesses. Pest issues can even develop after the storm has passed. Whether you’re looking to prevent or eliminate bugs that have moved in after a flood, there are a few tips that can help.

Preventing and Eliminating Pests After Floods

Cover All Openings

If the storm caused damage such as broken windows, make sure to cover them up while waiting for them to be fixed. Aside from large damages, there may also be smaller home damage or openings that you can’t see (including holes in the roof or foundation of your home). Insects and other pests can easily climb through the smallest of openings. A professional pest service can seal up all cracks and gaps in your home – they will know exactly where to find them.

Keep the House Clean

Home cleanliness is even more important after a flood. Once you return, make sure to discard of all debris or trash that may have wandered into your home (in addition to anything outside). Don’t leave any food or water out, and store them in thick containers with tight-fitting lids. This includes pet food – make sure to feed them one serving per meal and clean their bowls out when finished. Remove any home items that have been waterlogged. When cooking, wash all dishes and utensils right once you’re finished with them. Additionally, discard of trash in a covered, pest proof trash can or dumpster as soon as possible.


If you’ve already seen insects or rodents in your home after a flood, you can set out traps to try getting rid of them. Snap traps will work for rodents, while there are a variety of traps you can purchase for insects. If the infestation is bad, you might want to look into hiring a professional to get rid of them.


If you have yet to see an insect or pest problem after a flood, don’t be too relieved. They can still move in after the flood is over. To play it safe, you can lay down some pest repellants to turn them off (or even do this before the flood if you’re able to). There are some oils and natural bug repellent plants that are worth trying out. If you want to use something more toxic, we would recommend hiring a professional that is formally trained in this.

Common Pest Problems After Flooding

Wondering what to watch out for? There are many creatures that are likely to be attracted to your home after flooding, but the list isn’t limited to these.


Ants can also make their way into your home after a flood. In this situation, you could discover more intense types of ants in your home compared to the typical kitchen ant (such as fire ants that were washed out of their homes). You can get rid of them using the above methods, in addition to ant traps.


Unfortunately, cockroaches tend to come inside during floods. Boric acid is one way to get rid of cockroaches, but you need to make sure you apply it sparingly in areas where they will walk through it. However, make sure to avoid this substance if you have kids or pets – it’s not pet-friendly or child-friendly.


You won’t be happy to find this annoying bug infesting your home. Mosquitoes are a common post-flood insect to be found in homes, but thankfully, they aren’t too difficult to get rid of. Since they’re attracted to water, make sure to thoroughly dry out your home and set traps.


After floods, some find an influx of rodents such as mice and rats inside of homes. Flooding forces them to come up from their hidden homes in the ground and find shelter elsewhere. An infestation of mice or rats is the last thing you want, so make sure to conceal any holes in walls or other areas of the home.

Snakes & Reptiles

Although less likely, it’s possible that snakes or reptiles may have found their way into your home. Because of this, make sure to be careful when first entering your home after a flood as they could be poisonous or venomous.

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