Why Hire a Commercial Pest Control Company?

Why Hire a Commercial Pest Control Company?


Understandably, you might have reservations when it comes to hiring a commercial pest control professional to eradicate bugs from your home or business. Why spend money on a professional when it can be done yourself? Unfortunately, it’s not this easy – there is a reason that professionals go through comprehensive training for residential and commercial pest control. It can be risky to try and do it yourself when it comes to your business. You could lose customers, damage your online reputation, incur fines, and even be temporarily (or permanently) closed down if the problem gets out of hand.

Read through to learn more about why a pest control company is the best choice to abolish your infestation.

5 Reasons to Hire Professional Commercial Pest Control

Rely on Trained Professionals

Pesticides can be dangerous. Commercial rodent control and insect control exterminators are professionally trained to remove bugs safely without harming your home, family, business, customers, or employees. They have special equipment to effectively eliminate pests from your business or home. If you’re trying to get rid of an infestation in your business, it’s especially important to hire a professional as DIY treatments can cause a liability if done incorrectly.


Prevent Loss of Customers and Business Closures

The quicker you get rid of a pest infestation in your business, the better. Even just one bad review from a customer who sees a bug can greatly harm your online business reputation. If it gets to a point, you can incur heavy fines and even business closures. This can cause hundreds, perhaps even thousands, worth of business lost.


Getting rid of these pests quickly is even more important when it comes to roachesmiceratsbugs that sting or bite, and other creatures that may put the health of your customers and employees at risk.


Save Time and Energy

Trying to eliminate the problem yourself can take extensive time and energy. Even after all this, you might not be able to get rid of the problem yourself. You’ll have to call a professional anyways. Spending a small chunk of change on a professional can be worth the amount of time and stress it saves you.

Pest Identification

Did you know there are over 900,000 different types of insects in the world? This number doesn’t even include other pests like rodents that may be infesting your home or business. When you hire a professional, they will be able to tell exactly what species of bug is infesting your home and effectively treat them.


Bug-Free Guarantees

Most DIY treatments don’t target the root cause to prevent future infestation. Even if it works, you will likely see the bugs come back and you’ll have to redo the entire process. Aptive Environmental is one of the few residential and commercial pest control companies that is so confident in their work, they guarantee the bugs will stay away. If the bugs come back, we will come back for free!

What to Expect From Aptive Environmental

Aptive provides customers with pest control solutions that reduce health risks to humans as well as the environment. Our commercial treatments are tailored towards your industry and business, whether you need restaurant pest control or to get rid of a warehouse infestation. To start, you can get a free quote below to gather more information and see how much a treatment will cost. We will then sit down with you to address your needs, concerns, and guide you through the process.

While every situation is different, we typically begin by thoroughly inspecting your business or home. We check all possible entry points, search for moisture, examine outdoor spaces, and so on. This will take a bit of time as there are many potential entry points, especially if you have a larger business or warehouse. We will then put together our findings and plan out future treatments based on this.

Our commercial pest control team understands you likely have a busy schedule, so we’re always able to work around this. Once you’ve hired a professional, there are a few steps to prepare for a treatment to ensure the process goes as smoothly as possible. These include removing garbage, cleaning hard flooring, and more.



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